Champions League Finals Coming to Kyiv

16 April 2018

24 May at Dynamo’s Lobanovskyi Stadium (Hrushevskoho 3)
26 May at Olympic Stadium (V Vasilkyvska 55)
Kyiv is set to host the best club football teams in Europe in May as both the men’s and women’s UEFA Champions League finals come to the Ukrainian capital. The men’s final will be held at Olympic Stadium on 26 May and will feature powerhouse teams Spain’s Real Madrid and Barcelona, Germany’s Bayern Munich, or England’s Liverpool. The women’s final will be held at Dynamo’s Lobanovskyi Stadium on 24 May and will see teams such as England’s Chelsea and Manchester City, Germany’s VfL Wolfsburg, or France’s Lyon. There will be plenty of entertainment to accompany the football action, including the official Champions Festival on Khreschatyk from 24-26 May. With free entrance, you’ll be able to grab a photo with one of the event trophies, enjoy some world-class entertainment, or even see the world-famous Klitshcko brothers show what they’re made of in a ‘Legends Game’ on 26 May. As of yet, there is no public area to watch the game, so be sure to reserve a table early at your favourite restaurant if you plan to watch the game.



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