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Check Out These Three Outdoor Paradises to Visit This Long Weekend Near Kyiv

Check Out These Three Outdoor Paradises to Visit This Long Weekend Near Kyiv

The first month of summer is rich in holidays and long weekends. The next official day off is Constitution Day, which falls on a Sunday this year so we get Monday off instead! That means we end the month with three full days off – June 27, 28 and 29. 

Need some inspiration for things to do? We’ve come up with the 3 coolest locations near Kyiv, where you can relax this weekend and enjoy the cool shade of the trees or some refreshing freshwater lakes.


1. Korostyshivsky canyon

This transparent lake with granite rocks is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest. Granite mining began here in the 1850s, and later the pits were flooded. There are three lakes over a couple of kilometers so you can definitely see two in a day.

Do you enjoy rock climbing? There are some wonderful routes of varying difficulty in the canyon.

Location: Korostyshiv city
How to get there: take the minibus or bus to Zhytomyr from the bus station “Dachna” or metro “Zhytomyrska”

2. Dendropark Sofiyivka

The park was built over six long years by the most famous masters. The park has everything: a fountain in the middle of the pond, a lake located in a cascade, an underground river with a tunnel where you can even take a boat ride, stone grottoes, gazebos, sculptures and thousands of different plants.

This arboretum is a gift from the Polish magnate Stanislaw Potocki to his beloved woman Sofia (at the time of their acquaintance they were both married!).

Location: Uman city
How to get there: take the bus from the Central Bus Station (Moscow Square 3, metro station Demiivska)

3. Bukski canyon

It is further than Korostyshevsky, but bigger, with natural lakes – a creation of nature, not people. The rocks along the banks of the river are nicknamed local Switzerland. The canyon is 40 meters in length, and the highest rock is 20 meters. The views here are breathtaking!

Getting here by public transport is quite difficult, but it’s worth it!

Location: near the village of Buki, Cherkasy region
How to get there: buses Kiev – Mankivka or Kiev – Talne (departing from the Central bus station, metro station Demiivska)

Enjoy the weekend, stay safe and  stay healthy!

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