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Chocolate Day – Venues For Chocolate in Kyiv

Chocolate Day – Venues For Chocolate in Kyiv

If you are asked what is your favorite holiday, what will be your answer? Most likely the answer will be Birthday or New Year. Did you know that there is officially such a holiday as World Chocolate Day? If not, let’s find out what kind of holiday it is and how to celebrate it in Kyiv.

Every year on July 7 World Chocolate Day is celebrated in Western Europe. The idea to „give” chocolate its day first appeared in France in 1995. Chocolate Day quickly gained popularity and was supported in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and, in particular, in Ukraine. On this day, various festivals and events dedicated to this wonderful product are held.

The Aztecs were the first to learn how to make chocolate, calling it “food of the gods.” The Spanish conquistadors christened the delicacies “black gold” and ate them to strengthen endurance. In the Middle Ages, chocolate consumption in Europe was available only to aristocrats.

We have prepared for you several places where you can celebrate this day with pleasure and delight yourself with delicious and high-quality chocolate.


  1. Lviv Handmade Chocolate

This place looks like a whole chocolate factory, which fits in one small shop. The patisserie is proud of its handmade sweets, which are definitely worth a try. All stages of the preparation of chocolates are available to visitors – the chocolatier will knead the mass with you, twist and decorate the candy, which you can buy both individually and in chocolate sets. 

You can enjoy chocolate on the spot with aromatic freshly brewed coffee or tea. In total, there are 6 establishments in different parts of Kyiv, so you can choose the most convenient location for you.

  1. Chocolate House Von Kluschke

Von Kluschke Chocolate House creates handmade chocolate and sweets with such a variety of fillings that it can be difficult to choose. Of course, without preservatives or synthetic flavors.

In addition to chocolate, you can also try incredible desserts and handmade pastries. Chocolate House holds master classes, which will introduce you to the main stages of creating delicious chocolate and pastries.

They also bake to order and have delivery within Kyiv. Delivery cost: when ordering in the amount of 1000 hryvnias, delivery will be free, and when ordering up to 1000 hryvnias – 150 hryvnias.

  1. Reprisa

Kyiv boutique-confectionery “Reprisa” is sophistication, elegance and quality. In addition to chocolate, you can also buy pastries and author’s candies, prepared by hand from Italian and white chocolate with the addition of fruits and nuts and other sweets.

Looking at the showcase in Reprise, you will definitely be surprised that it is all created by human hands, because all desserts look incredible!

Repriza has 3 establishments in Kyiv.

Science has established the fact that chocolate contains elements that promote both relaxation and psychological recovery. Dark chocolate promotes the release of endorphins – the so-called hormones of happiness, which affect the pleasure centers, improving mood and maintaining body tone.

We wish you all have a wonderful World Chocolate Day, enjoying delicios desserts, but do not forget that a lot of sweets can be harmful to your health. So choose quality, not quantity.

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