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Let’s Talk About Kyiv

Let’s Talk About Kyiv

After many long weeks of quarantine, don’t we all just feel the need to socialise? If so, you’re in luck. “Let’s Talk About”, a club aimed at practicing and socialising in English, has opened its doors to visitors again. 

Their main aim is to develop the ‘Small Talk’ culture in Ukraine. Small talk, or casual conversation is useful for building important professional relationships, or getting clients, but it’s  also a great way to make friends and meet new people! Let’s Talk About is hoping to connect interesting and open-minded people in beautiful venues in Kyiv. 

Every time they meet it’s a unique experience. Part of that originality lies in the fact that they select a place with a different mood each time. The location itself is a great conversation starter. Plus, guests enjoy wine and other drinks, which is obviously helpful with small talk. The format of this event  is marketed as “English Education & Networking”. 

During summer, “Let’s Talk About” organises tours with top notch guides. This an opportunity to be a tourist in your own city. You can see Kyiv from a completely different angle. Each tour begins with a welcome drink to lighten the mood, followed by a tour of Kyiv. After the tour, the group visits another venue where they can enjoy food and drinks as well as practice that elusive small talk. “Let’s Talk About” makes sure that the venues don’t repeat, so you’ll get a different opportunity to discover Kyiv’s rich food scene each time. 

The tours are aimed at people who wish to improve their English or expats simply looking to learn more about Kyiv. 

Hurry, tickets sell out pretty fast! Their next tour is on 8th of July (there’s still a few places left!), but if you miss it, there’s another one on the 16th. 

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