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Let’s Talk About English

Let’s Talk About English

Calling all English speakers – locals and expats alike – to get together for an evening of networking, scintillating conversation, and all-round good fun.

“Let’s Talk About” English Club was established in 2017 and now hosts regular events, led by Pavel Zhylyn. If you’re working on your English, it’s a great place to practice and fine-tune your skills. If you’re a native speaker or have a near-native level, you get the pleasure of helping others. And everyone, regardless of their language skills, can enjoy making new social and professional connections in a relaxed atmosphere, with good wine and conversation. 

Wednesday’s event, “Small Talk. Networking. Business” takes place at Deli Deli (near Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho), a new curry place with a contemporary approach to Indian cuisine. Participants should speak only English for the two-hour event (which is recommended for those with an upper-intermediate level and above). Enjoy group discussions and/or one-to-one chats on interesting, relevant, and cultural themes. Complimentary drinks and photos are included in the admission price.

A link to register online can be found here

Small Talk. Networking. Business

21 October from 19.00-21.00

Deli Deli (Velyka Vasylkivska 34)

Price: 400 UAH

For more information please feel free to inquire:

Phone Number: 067 656 55 83

Telegram channel

Facebook Page

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