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Church Refuses to Bury Baby

Church Refuses to Bury Baby

Priest Eugene Molchanov who represents the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate refused to bury a baby in Zaporizhia, because the boy had been baptised by the Kyiv Patriarchate, which is not recognised by Moscow. The 2-year old died on New Year’s Eve after being crushed by a man jumping from his apartment, committing suicide.
Reports say the father punched the priest, after telling the family their child was “unchristened” and their “church was a sham”. The priest seemed unmoved by the boy’s mother who threw herself on the floor at his feet. Forced to leave, the family took the body of the boy to the church where he was christened to perform the burial rights.
The priest told a local paper that he was sorry, and that he felt for the family. “But there are certain lines I cannot cross,” he said. “A child christened by the Kyiv Patriarchate remains unchristened… And the Kyiv Church itself is a hoax.”
Ah religion. Isn’t it great.

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