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Congratulations! З привітаннями! Salutations! С поздравлениями!

Congratulations! З привітаннями! Salutations! С поздравлениями!

…on the return of What’s On!


It’s great to hear What’s On is re-starting: it was always the Kyiv expats’ guide to entertainment and activities.  Good Luck to Paul, Lana, and the team!

Andy Bain – President and Owner of Atlantic Group and Co-Founder at Ukrainian Freedom F


Just got to know that they are bringing back What’s On – a magazine that has always had a reliable reputation and I loved reading it. Great news! Looking forward to having it on my desk monthly!

Oleksiy Biloshytskiy – First Deputy Chief of the Patrol Police of Ukraine


Happy to congratulate What’s On on its rebirth! May you have many interesting articles, good projects, millions of copies, and grateful readers. See you on the What’s On pages!

Oleg Sobchuk – SKAI frontman


Great to hear What’s On is back! I am certain it will be an interesting and exciting source of happenings to both visitors and residents from a very knowledgeable and dedicated team!

Aivaras Abromavičius – former Minister of Economy and Trade


What’s On is back! That is amazing and important news for every English-speaking person in Kyiv. It’s great to have you back!

Milos Jelic – keyboardist with Okean Elzy, musician, producer, composer, conductor, dude


For me What’s On has always been an important part of Kyiv social life. With so many things happening in town, I am sure What’s On will be even better now!

Pavel Shylko (DJ Pasha) – radio and TV personality


If you need to find out what’s on with health in Ukraine, look for What’s On!

Ulana Suprun – Minister of Health


A legend returns – What’s On is with us again! Myself and my team at PR batteries have a fabulously long history with this publishing house, which certainly extends to that of friendship. There have been a number of covers with clients of ours, joint projects, many announcements, features, reviews, and even an interview with me! And now, three years later, there will be a new history for the magazine and the city. To the What’s On team – strength, inspiration, and success! Stay tuned!

Roman Medynskyi – CEO & Founder of PR Batteries PR agency


How can you not know already? This is super news! Saakashviliv, hurricanes… These don’t compare to the great news that our fabulous, super-trendy, stylish, informative, English-language publication is back! Finally, What’s On, you realised that the capital is sad without you. Welcome back What’s On! This is very cool!

Andriy Kishe – singer, musician


Congratualtions on your return What’s On! This is awesome news! The best of luck!

Lyubomyr Vasylyev – Sentrum Concert Hall


Welcome back! I am sure I speak for everyone when I say it’s really great to have What’s On back in Kyiv. Always an amazing resource for finding “the best of the best” of what is going on in this great city. Looking forward to the fantastic issues to come, and wishing everyone at What’s On Kyiv the greatest of success!

Michael Chamberlain – Team Leader/Creative Director of Albany Associate

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