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Cuisine With a 200-Year History

Cuisine With a 200-Year History

There is a well-known saying that goes ‘home is where the heart is’, but we also know that the best way to the heart is through the stomach. Previously known as Mimino, this Georgian dining spot in Podil rolls out its new look under a new name, Dom No10

Dom (or House in English) No10 lives up to its name. It’s a place where you are always welcome, where the cuisine is familiar but not boring, where comfort food meets sophistication.
There’s nothing like a good back story to inspire the culinary adventurer within. First, we take a tour of the restaurant to soak up its atmosphere, all the while sipping lavender coffee, bitter yet sweet, with a subtle touch of pine needles.


The restaurant expands across the entire building erected in the 19th century. During its lengthy history, the building was once occupied by a sculptor and his family, which is honoured in today’s decor. A complete restoration has enabled the place to preserve, or rather reveal, its original spirit.
The space is divided into several areas, imitating the original rooms. Wooden ceiling beams contrasting whitewashed walls are a key element to a living room on the ground floor. It also owes its charm to a moss-grown cupboard and an eco-friendly Austrian-Hungarian styled stove. An adjacent room, named ‘The Wing’, features a bar resembling an old-fashioned chemist.
Descending into the cellar, we pass by a wine chamber with a display of bottles, which glitter as they catch the light. Dom No10’s enoteca boasts an enviable repertoire of 300-400 various wines. Onward, we proceed to a homely library which doubles as a tea room and a ‘workshed’ fit for private parties or business meetings.

Dinner in the Garden

For dinner we are seated in the ‘greenhouse’, bright, open, and spiritual, this is a room which feeds both the body and the soul.Our feast kicks off with tuna ceviche, a dish that requires dedicated time and effort to prepare the right way. To my delight it’s been pulled off without a hitch: luscious persimmon and piquant red onions are the perfect companions to this tender fish. We delve into another entrée, delicately presented on the plate like paint strokes on a canvas – veal carpaccio accompanied by mushroom sauce and topped with fresh-shaved parmesan.
Tikka Masala, an Indian inspired dish and a big hit here, is next on the list. Reasonably hot, this curry will leave a warming tingle in your mouth whilst aromas of ginger, garlic, and paprika are complemented by large juicy shrimp.
We then indulge in their signature veal cheeks brought to the table sizzling in a pan. Cooked to perfection, the succulent meat melts in our mouth. Our sides include porcini mushrooms and sautéed potatoes.
Sweet notes of light and delicately fruity Pinot Grigio Rose Pavia ideally pair with all of the above options.

Edible Inventory

Tuna ceviche with persimmon, red onion and green chutney – 195 UAH

Pounded veal carpaccio with cornichons and homemade mushroom mayonnaise – 190 UAH

Veal cheeks with porcini mushrooms and potatoes – 290 UAH

Tikka masala in a spicy sauce with shrimp, ginger, and basmati rice – 255 UAH

Rose Pinot Grigio – 130 UAH

Buckwheat honey layer cake with truffle cream and sabayon sauce – 89 UAH

Lavender coffee – 75 UAH


Make sure you try:

Tender homemade chicken liver pate with blackberry jam – 89 UAH

Baked half duck with red cabbage and mashed potatoes with Cajun crackling – 660 UAH

For Dessert

A must-try, honey cake with truffle sauce completes this most extraordinary dining experience.

Dom No10 serves comfort food inspired by well-known international dishes interpreted in a unique way, which consequently become elaborate masterpieces of artful cuisine.

Dom No10

Spaska 10
11.00 – 23.00
+380 67 502 0354

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English Menu
English-speaking staff
Price $$$

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