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La Fontana

La Fontana

La Fontana is the perfect open-air restaurant to visit on these late-summer COVID-19 days. For those who are unsure about venturing out to eat, La Fontana welcomes guests with a clean, outdoor setup and a conscientious staff who follow proper protocols; You don’t have to worry. guests can relax and enjoy the good food and weather. 

Set up behind the fountains on the intersection of Moskovska and Omelyanovycha-Pavlenka, this quiet region of Pecherska creates a care-free atmosphere. The whole complex is adorned with fresh flowers, offering a photo-op for anyone taking advantage of the nice weather.

La Fontana boasts an excellent Italian menu that is rich, fresh and healthy. The menu offers hot and cold appetizers and robust soups or salads. Pasta dishes are a hardy staple as well as pizza. Main courses with grilled meat or fish leave the most-hungry customers satisfied. Fruit-based deserts also offer a healthy and refreshing option on a hot summer night. La Fontana also includes a comprehensive drink menu, refreshing cocktails and savoury after dinner drinks.

Not far from La Fontana is Lesi Ukrainka Boulevard which leads into the city center. The East the Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra and the Motherland Monument are also walking-distance.

La Fontana

Moskovska 31/33 Kyiv, Pechersk

Walking distance from Metro Stations Pecherska and Klovska; accessible by car and bus

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Price: $$

+38 050 406 6914

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