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Aviation Museum Sikor Sky

Aviation Museum Sikor Sky

Venues come in many forms – virtual, real, or both. The first museum dedicated to Igor Sikorsky, a legendary aircraft designer and inventor of helicopters, will eventually emerge in Ukraine – in a virtual format to begin with.

It goes like this. The soon-to-be world-known genius was born and raised in Kyiv. Despite this fact, Ukraine does not have a single museum dedicated to him. Moreover, the house where Sikorsky’s family lived is in a bad state of disrepair. 

Ukrainian activists, scientists and artists plan to restore the property and turn it into Museum Sikor Sky. At first, it will be available online only with its exposition being observed from all corners of the globe. 

The virtual version is seeking to focus on Sikorsky as an important part of aviation history and draw attention to the state of his family house. In the future, the project organisers intend to launch a ‘physical’ museum on site.

The new museum website – – will start functioning from 1 November. ‘Attendees’ will not be bored: they will see the world of aviation through the eyes of Sikorsky, be introduced to aviation pioneers’ inventions, sit in the cockpit of the celebrated Ilya Muromets aircraft, and get the chance to try their hand at modeling aircraft structures, conducting an air combat and space-piloting. 

A huge amount of work goes on behind the scenes. The Sikorsky family house has been completely digitized with the help of drones and laser scanning. The team is still working on reconstructiong the original interiors. Virtual 3D models of the first N-1 helicopter and BiS-2 aircraft were restored according to the authentic drawings of Sikorsky himself.

Museum Sikor Sky will be the first digital museum in Ukraine in the form of Sikorsky’s house. It will combine the digital resources of several aviation institutions on a single online platform using innovative solutions. 

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Check out the link to learn more about Igor Sikorsky

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