15 January 2018

It sounds like a plot from Doctor Who. However, the long-awaited Cyborgs flick is not a fantasy, it’s not sci-fi, it’s real and it’s based on an incredible true story. It takes place in September 2014 when Russian-backed forces undertook multiple attempts to take control of Donetsk International Airport – a strategic territory in the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.
The film’s director, Akhtem Seitablaev, who says the main message – “to be Ukrainian is to choose between the past and the future”, portrays the defenders as typical Ukrainians, who speak both Russian and Ukrainian, with different backgrounds, but with a desire to see Ukraine free from Russian invasion. Every showing of this movie ends with viewers in tears and a standing ovation.
According to the producers, an English-language version is on the horizon, with negotiations going on for the rights to distribute the film internationally. As far as domestic showings on Ukrainian TV networks, dates are soon to be released for a four-part series. There are also plans for a worldwide non-commercial broadcast at embassies of Ukraine with assistance from the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine in other countries, as a way of introducing international communities to legendary Cyborgs.
This is a must-see for anyone wanting to understand the heart of modern Ukraine. WO highly recommends.


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