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Date Night Isn’t Dead

Date Night Isn’t Dead

Picking the perfect date spot is hard enough as it is and the current situation is not making things easier. If you’re quarantining apart from your significant other, you can keep the spark alive with these online date ideas. 

Watch a movie

Pick a movie, pop the popcorn and settle down to watch at the same time whilst in your respective places. If you’re on Netflix, consider watching Winter on Fire- a powerful and raw documentary about Euromaidan. It will surely give you a lot to discuss afterwards!  

Tune in to a concert 

Tons of music is being live-streamed right now so the question is just what genre and when. Pop on over to Slukh media’s YouTube channel and you’ll see which Ukrainian artist they have scheduled and what time.  It’s a great way to get familiar with talented Ukrainian artists and discover what music your partner likes. Check out the channel here:

Follow a recipe together 

The best part? Neither of you will ever really know whose tastes better! Whether you enjoy cooking or not, now can be the perfect time to perfect your cooking skills or work on building them if they’re non-existent. Hop on a video chat with your SO and start working at your recipes together. Call a friend and ask for their best recipes or check out this site with a catalogue of traditional Ukrainian recipes:

Happy dating!

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