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English Podcasts About Ukraine

English Podcasts About Ukraine

Listening to a podcast is perfect for a walk around the block, during your morning routine, or just while passing the time at home. Here are some to check out with a Ukraine focus.

The Bellingcat Podcast

In this six-part narrative series, bellingcat reports on the story of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, which was shot down over Eastern Ukraine in 2014. 

The Chernobyl Podcast

This one takes you behind the scenes of making chernobylminiseries, giving more insight into the real-life and onscreen characters.

Explaining Ukraine

On this podcast by, Ukrainian and international experts and journalists discuss developments in Ukraine. 

Myths and Legend

Hear folklore stories and legends, told in an entertaining and modern way. Mythpodcast doesn’t have episodes specifically about Ukraine, but the country is mentioned in some of the episodes about Slavic tales, like episode 43.

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