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Diller Kaifu by O.Torvald

Diller Kaifu by O.Torvald

O.Torvald has released a long-awaited new album for their fans. In fact two of them at once! The fresh recording consists of two conceptual parts, which differ in form and vibe. Each part consists of eight songs. But before you start to read about the release itself, you need to know what’s happened to the group over these past two years.

In 2017, the group won the national selection for Eurovision, which, as the lead vocalist later said, was accidental. 

It is no secret that, because the competition is broadcasted on television, the Ukrainian stage of selection is often used by performers to show their music to a very wide audience. O.Torvald was of course aware of the potential and opted in. Their poor showing at Eurovision, however (the group ended up in 24th place), attracted criticism, which also, affected their album Bisaidy released only months later. 

As audiences’ initial love for the local rockers diminished, while conflicts within the group itself were on the rise, O.Torvald announced it was time for a break. Many assumed this was it. Then along came Hebi. With a new drummer and new enthusiasm injected into the Poltava natives, a new album has appeared, with their first singles promising a loud return.
“The new album is a revolution of character, a protest against the parades of lies and delirium, at the same time, it is sincerity of the soul and openness of the heart,” says the group. 

Creating the album in two parts, the first part of Diller Kaifu is a scream. Staying true to the beat, the music is a return to the origins of rock and roll. The second part is a deep breath and exhale. It is lighter, a mixture of drive and buzz.

Diller Kaifu by genre is alternative rock with powerful riffs and melodies and mixtures of electronic music, but it sounds much meaner, more powerful, heavier. Probably because all the emotions of this difficult period found a way through the creative process and out into the songs. With this album, O.Torvald could safely claim to the title of the country’s main rock band. They are rockers singing about the serious things Ukraine is facing.

5 December at 20.00
Stereo Plaza (Lobanovskoho 119)
500 – 750 UAH

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