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Don’t Miss this Once in a Lifetime Viewing of Wayne McGregor’s ‘Autobiography’

Don’t Miss this Once in a Lifetime Viewing of Wayne McGregor’s ‘Autobiography’

Rescheduled due to COVID-19, Studio Wayne McGregor plans to premiere his great, personal opus ‘Autobiography’ in Kyiv this fall at the International Centre of Culture and Art. 

Wayne McGregor is a multi-award winning British choreographer and director who has been affectionately termed ‘Maverick’.  While many choreographers across all genres respond to dance tradition by referencing the past, McGregor embraces 21st century culture, ideas, philosophy and scientific discoveries to inform and inspire his work. He has worked with dance theatres all over the world, most notably at the Royal Ballet since 2006 where he created his signature pieces Chroma and Woolf Works. He also directed the movement for films like the Fantastic Beasts series and Harry Potter.

Autobiography is a unique work for the Wayne McGregor Company (recently celebrating 25 years.) The complete work is 23 sections but is performed as excerpts in a random order according to an algorithm. It is like listening to a playlist on shuffle; every performance is different, and no performance is the same. The sections do not have a linear narrative but are based on abstract moods and McGregor’s DNA code. This is truly a once in a lifetime performance, not to be missed

Thursday, 10 September
International Centre of Culture and Arts
Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni Alley, 1, Kyiv
From 350 UAH

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