Endless Hummus in Hum:Hum

15 March 2018

It’s a frosty morning crossing Mezhyhirska street where I am trying not to turn into an icicle myself. Two big pink HUMs create the singular Hum:Hum, where I think it might be a good idea to warm up. As it turns out, I’ve strolled into Kyiv’s first hummus-bar – a fast food eatery where genuine Middle Eastern food is served.
Hum:Hum steals my heart at a glance. A stylish bright interior with lots of pastel pink, green, and neon details remind me of modern European eateries with subtle retro hints. A menu on the wall suggests that Hum:Hum’s singularity lies in authentic recipes that complement traditional hummus with avocado, pumpkin, baked bell pepper, and beets. To any hummus you can add vegetable sticks, falafel, dried tomatoes, olives or pickles. You are also welcome to ask for an extra flat cake or nachos. Pitas come in a variety of flavours giving visitors a choice of whether to savour Italian, Mexican, or Asian flavouring or just pick up a classic variant of the snack.
Homemade syrnyky are also on offer until 11.00, which I opt for as well as a latte, I occupy a table next to the window. Girly pink paper cup with hot coffee arrives within a few minutes, and I already know that an Instagram photo becomes inevitable. The next day I return with friends to finally try the Hum:Hum signature specialties. We order all hummus items from the menu to share and eat as much as we can.
Hum:Hum is a new type of Kyiv fast food spot. Its signature food, concept and space have raised the bar very high and has already caught on. All in all, hummus is always a good idea, isn’t it?

The origin of hummus goes back to XIII century. Meaning ‘chickpeas with tahini’ in Arabic, appetizer resembles a spread or a puree and is usually cooked with mashed chickpeas or beans blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt.

(Mezhyhirska St 13/34)
Open: 08:00 – 23:00
FB: HumHum.Kiev
Instagram: humhum.kiev


The What’s On check list

English-speaking staff +
WiFi +
Location Excellent
WO Rating *****
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