Family (July – August)

16 July 2018

Filming a Movie
Entertaining show for kids
28 July at 15.00
Creative Association 1000letie (Hryhorenka 26 a)
The Creative Association 1000letie invites you to a true to life film shooting! Give your children a chance to investigate what the creation of a film looks likes from the inception! Take this occasion to develop your children’s imagination, as plenty of activities are available: acting training, video shooting, interactive games, just to name a few. No doubt it will be great fun!
290 UAH

Don’t Go Crazy
Kacheli Park
Every weekend
VDNH Expocenter (Hlushkova 1)
Park of Partisan Glory (Chervony Khutir metro station)You know what kids could do endlessly (except for driving you crazy)? Hang and swing and generally monkey around! Bring them to Kacheli Park and you are guaranteed a couple of hours of respite. Here they’ll find all kinds of mischief to keep them busy. Every weekend, the pros are on hand to keep your little ones safe and happy. There’s no shame if you happen to love the place yourself.
Tickets: 150 UAH

Three Little Pigs
Puppet theatre performance
21 July at 12.00
Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre (Hrushevskoho 1a)
80 – 150 UAH

Puss in Boots
Puppet theatre performance
15 July at 12.00
Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre (Hrushevskoho 1a)
80 – 150 UAH

Illusion show
Interactive show for kids
21 July at 15.00
Creative Association 1000letie (Hryhorenka 26 a)
150 UAH

Funny Minions
Super quest for kids
22 July at 15.00
Expocenter of Ukraine (Pr Hlushkova 1)
200 UAH

Puppet theatre performance
5 August at 11.00
Puppet Theatre on the Left Bank of the Dnipro (Myropilska 1)
60 UAH

Cryo Show
Interactive show for kids
14 August at 13.00
Creative Association 1000letie (Hryhorenka 26a)
150 UAH

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