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Live Music (July – August)

Live Music (July – August)

Grey submarine
Fink (GB, indie)
18 July at 20.00
Green Theatre (Parkova Doroha 2)
Fin Greenall is an internationally recognised songwriter with a talent for powerful lyrics. At the same time, his music has a smooth melodic sound without any hint of aggression. The author of this work combines blues, rock, folk, indie pop, chill-out, and electronics. Greenall made several successful collaborations with artists such as Amy Winehouse, John Legend, and others. In Kyiv, music from his last album Resurgam is on the line-up.
Tickets: 759 UAH

One Man & a Harp
Keith Dunn (US, blues)
22 July at 20.00
Mystetskyi Arsenal (Lavrska 10)
This maestro has been playing the harmonica since he was 12-years old. As a teenager, he fell in love with the sound of it, beginning a creative career which has been ongoing for more than 40 years. In his youth, he performed in the streets and at parties, but now Dunn is a regular participant in many music festivals, including the World Harmonica Festival, SPAH Festival, and others. Playing in different sub-genres of blues, he calls his music “trance blues”. Come discover a unique sound!
Tickets: 350 UAH

Get Ready to Swallow
UVULA (RU, indie)
9 August at 19.00
Mezzanine (Nizhnyurkovskaya 31)
Palatine uvula (lat uvula) is a physical projection from the posterior edge of the middle of the soft palate, composed of connective tissue. And it’s quite an unusual name for a group, agreed. In their lyrics, there are many ideas about youth, feelings, lightheadedness, and relationships between people. Their music is inherent with a sense of dreaminess and flirting with retro motives, a feeling of nostalgia lost for a time long ago. In general, the genre of the group can be described as Lo-Fi, although some call it surf-rock. Perhaps it’s time to swallow a new experience?
Tickets: 200 UAH
FB mezzaninekyiv

Dislocados (bossa nova)
19 July at 20.00
UBK (Trukhaniv Island)
Tickets: 300 UAH
FB UBKbeach

La Coka Nostra (US, hip hop)
19 July at 20.00
Green Theatre (Parkova Doroha 2)
Tickets: 649 UAH

JIGAN (RU, pop, hip hop)
21 July at 22.00
Dali Night Club (Parkova Doroha 16)
Tickets: 299 UAH
FB bestsummerclub

The Gitas (US, alternative)
27 July at 19.00
Green Theatre (Parkova Doroha 2)
Tickets: 350 UAH

Friday Freestyle Music: Red Woods Trio
27 July at 20.00
Caribbean (Symona Petlyury 4)
100-300 UAH

Classical Music on the Terrace
28 July at 20.00
D12 (Desyatyna 12)
From 200 UAH
FB svitloconcert

Warhaus (BE, indie)
28 July at 20.00
Green Theatre (Parkova Doroha 2)
Tickets: 599 UAH

Classical Music of Back in the Garden
3 August at 20.00
Grishko Botanical Gardens (Tymeryazevska 1)
From 350 UAH
FB svitloconcert

Zoe Gilby Band (UK, jazz)
5 August at 20.00
Mystetskiy Arsenal (Lavrska 12)
From 350 UAH

Die Antwoord (ZA, hip-hop)
6 August at 20.00
Stereo Plaza (Lobanovskyi 119)
Tickets: 1 599 UAH

Meri (alternative, pop)
10 August at 22.00
Docker Pub (Bogatyrska 25)
Tickets: 125-1 400 UAH

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