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Family (November – December)

Family (November – December)

Conflict Resolution Training for Teenagers

18 November at 15.00

Teenagers’ Communicative club, Charodim resource center (Kyrylivska 31V)

Conflict resolution is one of the key competencies a person should develop. It is especially important for teenagers whose emotions are volatile and parents’ patience and understanding are limited. The training offers useful practical tools, an easy-going atmosphere of sharing and trust and mutual discussion with parents as a final activity.

250 UAH



Musical for kids

25 November at 11.00, 13.00, 17.00

Kyiv Municipal Puppet Theatre (Myropilska 1)

The premiere of the Ali-Baba musical is firmly targeted at the youngest theatre audience in Kyiv. The well-known Persian fairy-tale about treasures in a cave and robbers hiding in jars becomes a spectacular performance played out by puppets and actors in lush sets and costumes. The performance lasts for an hour, so your little ones won’t get tired.

60 UAH



The Mouse and a Pink Ribbon

Puppet-play in Ukrainian and English

25 November at 10.00

Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre (Hrushevskoho 1a)

80 UAH


Exciting Chemistry

Interactive scientific show for kids

25 November at 13.00 and 15.00

1000-years Creative Group (Pr Hryhorenka 26a)

130 UAH



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