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Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals

Battling a beer gut? It’s the traditional time to start thinking a New Year equals a new start. Ideas are easy, however; putting them into practice is where the work begins, and as they say, resolutions are made to be broken.
Weight loss and working out feature high on most people’s lists come those first few weeks in January. If you lack the motivation maybe you need a pro to point you in the right direction. Ready to put in the work? We tap illustrious Ukrainian and international footballer Andriy Shevchenko on the shoulder to offer some inspiration. It’s not rocket science, but coming from the former Ukrainian national team striker and winner of the French football award Ballon D’or (who also happens to be a huge fan of What’s On!), it does make sense:

  1. Get moving – jogging and running are great, but even walking is good if that’s where you’re at. Just make sure you do it!
  2. Make sure you’re getting in a good diet – that means once the festivities are over minimal fats, more fish, and lots of vegetables.
  3. Build your core – that includes giving attention to those muscles that support the entire body and spine. There is plenty of scientific research to back up his third point, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re hitting a tennis ball or mopping the floor – the necessary motions either originate in your core, or move through it, making it imperative to keep it strong.

In order to see how far I might need to go to get into Shevchenko shape, I decide to hit up No Limits, a fabulous gym in Atmosfera. Though you need to have a vehicle to get out here, once you do, it’s well worth it. The build is new, the machines are great, and the instructors friendly. Memberships here start at just over 1 700 UAH/month.

I might need a few more sessions before I’ll be able to get the ball from Shevchenko, but I’m willing to put in the work. Check back with me in February…
In the meantime, here are a few final thoughts to make sure you stay on the right track:

* Find a nearby fitness club and check on their personal training services, if you lack motivation, you might need the help of a trainer.

* Know that you only get out what you put in.

* Consider your diet!

* Get in on the group classes at the gym – all you need to do is ask.

* Enjoy yourself and reap the rewards!


A few options to help achieve your fitness goals in 2018

SportLife is a popular affordable club with 31 locations around Kyiv. They have great offers where you can buy a year-long gym membership for as little as 3 000 UAH upwards, depending on your preferences. Keep in mind, due to competitive price, these gyms can be overcrowded.

Planeta Fitness
With two clubs in the centre to choose from, their individual approach to training is definitely a plus. Prices start around 4 000 UAH (special offers available).

Tsarsky City Resort
The swankiest on our list, this can be considered an elite option. However, it also offers a spa, and shooting range to relax or have a little fun after your workout. Prices start at 45 000 UAH, which signals a well-to-do clientele.

CrossFit Options
Dog & Grand CrossFit
It’s the first certified CrossFit club in Kyiv and has two locations in the Petrivka and Osokorky areas. Here you are assigned a coach, who tailors your fitness plan, considering your physiology.
Prices range from 2 380 UAH to 8 000 UAH for annual membership.

For your convenience, there are six clubs available in different areas of Kyiv.

Prices start from 1 620 UAH per month and up.
*** keep in mind, CrossFit can be physically taxing, so prepare yourself and ask first for a one day trial

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