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Free resources to learn Ukrainian

Free resources to learn Ukrainian

Need to brush up on your Ukrainian grammar? Know nothing more than “добре” and “дякую”? Wherever you’re at on your Ukrainian language learning journey, here are some free resources to help you along.
Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Practise your understanding and pronunciation of Ukrainian with @UkrainianLessons Podcast. Season one starts out with basic words and phrases, but throughout the seasons the podcast build on your understanding from past episodes, introducing grammar and more complex conversations.

The website SpeakUkrainian ( is an initiative by the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine. The site has two levels with 30 categories each. Examples of exercises include listening to the audio and rearranging phrases into the proper order of the conversation, or translating from English into Ukrainian using the given words.

If you don’t know any Ukrainian, @Duolingo can be a good starting point, but those with some understanding of the language might find it too basic. You can access the lessons on the app or through the website. In the free version, you must pass certain checkpoints to unlock the levels.
Just get out there!

Speaking a new language can be intimidating, but there’s no better way to get through that fear than by practicing. Though websites and apps can be helpful, immersing yourself in everyday Ukrainian life will advance your learning.

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