Get your Breakfast On!

20 March 2018

BreakFEST – the festival of breakfasts, comes to Kyiv 2 to 15 April, featuring 10 fabulous restaurants in the city, which are giving 30% discounts to special menu items!
Thanks to RestoWeek, Kyiv’s favourite group of gastronomic festivals, residents and guests of Kyiv have the unique opportunity to become better acquainted with venues they might never have visited before.
What you can expect: lots of different types of syrnyky (cottage cheese pancakes), special oatmeals and omelettes. Buffets, Amsterdam waffles, and Georgian shoti – no better reason to start your day off with the most important meal!
Participation is absolutely free – all you have to do is show up and ask for the BreakFest menu and you get 30% off!

What’s On the Menu
(Horodetskoho 5)
Venice Breakfast – salmon, avocado, black toasts with ricotta, poached eggs, salad mix
Price: 299 UAH – 30% = 209.30 UAH
Eggs Cocotte with turkey, mushrooms and bacon
Price: 159 UAH – 30% = 111.30 UAH
Homemade syrniki with dried apricots and raisins
Price: 125 UAH – 30% = 87.50 UAH
** Every guest treated to a cup of Essse Caffe Masini!

(Horodetskoho 4)
Oatmeal porridge, baked apple curry, dried cranberries, tarragon
Price: 75 UAH – 30% = 52.50 UAH
Omelette, avocado, tomatoes
Price: 115 UAH – 30% = 80.50 UAH
Potatoes, poached eggs, homemade brisket, cheese, spinach
Price: 110 UAH – 30% = 77 UAH

(Kostelnaya 3)
Syrnyky baked with sour cream and ricotta
Price: 114 UAH – 30% = 79.80 UAH
Omelette with bacon, served with fried champignons, tomato, and grilled halumi cheese
Price: 112 UAH – 30% = 78.40 UAH
Set-breakfast with syrnyky, scrambled eggs and ham, and pancakes with honey and fried vegetables
Price: 238 UAH – 30% = 166.60 UAH

Grand Piano (Hotel Bakkara)
(Venetskiy Island 1)
A true Swedish smorgasbord – expect an unlimited choice of European hot and cold dishes, fresh fruits and vegetables, fragrant baking and light desserts
Price: 290 UAH – 30% = 203 UAH

Amster Damster
(V Vasylkivska 111/113)
Poffertjes – a traditional Dutch breakfast of pancakes with homemade caramel
Price: 58 UAH – 30% = 41 UAH
Hot sandwich with egg, chicken, and greens in a crispy cheese crust
Price: 81 UAH – 30% = 57 UAH
Waffles with slightly salted salmon
Price:133 UAH – 30% = 93 UAH

(Antonovycha 81)
Syrnyky with cranberry-raspberry coulis
Price: 130 UAH – 30% = 91 UAH
Two-egg scramble with avocado and quinoa salad
Price: 165 UAH – 30% = 115.50 UAH
Classic English breakfast
Price: 163 UAH – 30% = 114.10 UAH

Bar Sklad
(Bessarabskaya 2)
Syrnyky with fruit sauce
Price: 80 UAH – 30% = 56 UAH
Oatmeal with apples
Price: 80 UAH – 30% = 56 UAH
Scrambled eggs with toast and cream cheese
Price: 90 UAH – 30% = 63 UAH

Gastro Bar No7
(Pushkinska 9a)
Croissant with salmon and poached egg
Price: 195 UAH – 30% = 136.50 UAH
Baby syrnyky with sour cream
Price: 95 UAH – 30% = 66.50 UAH
Omelet with vegetables
Price: 99 UAH – 30% = 69.30 UAH

(Blvd Shevchenko 36a)
Price: 68 UAH – 30% = 47.60 UAH
“Sweet papa”
Price: 77 UAH – 30% = 53.90 UAH
Omelette with lobio and Racine ham
Price: 88 UAH – 30% = 61.60 UAH

Mama Manana
(V Vasylkivska 44, Kypri 56)
Poached eggs and mini khachapuri + amuse bouche + choice of coffee, tea, or compote
Price: 99 UAH – 30% = 69.30 UAH
Oven baked eggs with nuts and tomatoes + amuse bouche + choice of coffee, tea, or compote
Price: 99 UAH – 30% = 69.30 UAH
Oatmeal with warm milk + amuse bouche + choice of coffee, tea, or compote
Price: 99 UAH – 30% = 69.30 UAH

For more info, go to FB RestoWeek

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