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Get Your Thrift On

Get Your Thrift On

Sustainability is the theme of this year’s Kyiv Fashion Week, on now until February 5. To celebrate all things fashion and sustainability, we’re looking at some of the best thrifting spots in Kyiv.

It’s where what’s old becomes new again — and where what’s new becomes new to you. Laska sells used clothing and accessories, plus new items by local designers. The shop is neatly organized — the vibe is more of a chic boutique rather than a typical second-hand shop. Laska has two locations: 15 Malopidvalna Street and 3 Lypynskoho Street.

Kurazh Bazar
Food, entertainment, photo ops, locally made goods, and, yes, a whole lot of thrifting. That’s what you’ll find at Kurazh Bazar, a monthly event at Art-Zavod Platforma. Sort through a box of used clothing or sift through a curated rack with used and upcycled clothing (new clothes made from old clothes). The next Kurazh Bazar is February 15-16.

Lesnaya market
Lose yourself for hours in the warehouses upon warehouses of the Lesnaya market, next to the Lisova metro station. Some items are new, while others are used — all at great prices — and you might even find a high-end designer item or two. This market, which got a shout out in Vogue a few years ago, can be overwhelming and a bit unorganized, but if you go in with a thrifting mindset, you’ll leave with some treasures.


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