Getting an Electronic Visa and Becoming an Entrepreneur In Ukraine: Getting Simpler

15 February 2018

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (MFA) and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (MJU) have recently introduced several measures to improve the process of getting a visa to enter Ukraine and becomу a registered private entrepreneur in Ukraine.

Receiving an electronic visa
Nationals of 47 countries can now apply for a visa electronically. The list mostly covers countries from Latin America, the Middle East, and South-Eastern Asia, including, among others, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Mexico, and Bolivia.
An application can be filled out online on the MFA website. A single-entry e-visa is issued for up to 30 days for visiting on business or as a tourist.
The application process includes: (1) registration on the MFA website; (2) filling out an application form and uploading a photo; (3) adding the scanned copies of: (i) passport pages containing personal data, (ii) valid health insurance with a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000, (iii) a document confirming availability of sufficient funds for the duration of stay in Ukraine and return to the country of origin and (iv) a document confirming purpose of the trip; (4) payment of consular fees (the amount starts from USD 65) through the MFA website.
When applying for a business e-visa, one should submit either an invitation from a Ukrainian legal entity/public body, or a document confirming foreign investment into Ukraine. When applying for a tourist visa, documents should be submitted confirming this purpose.
The e-visa application process should not exceed nine business days, after which a visa is sent to the e-mail address registered on the MFA website.

Registering as a private entrepreneur
While previously a foreigner had to present a residence permit as proof of his registered address in Ukraine to apply for a private entrepreneur status, the MJU has recently clarified that this is no longer the case. After clarification, an expat can provide other documents to evidence his address, e.g. a residential property lease contract, information from the state property registry, etc.
From now on, the process of registering as a private entrepreneur includes: (1) receiving a tax payer ID number; and (2) obtaining information from the state property registry on the proprietary right to real estate in Ukraine or providing a lease contract.
The said improvements should positively affect the development of the human capital flow and will make Ukraine a more attractive destination for foreign entrepreneurs wishing to conduct business in Ukraine. Particularly given attractive taxation for individual tax residents.

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