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Ghosts of Ukraine Past

Ghosts of Ukraine Past

Here’s a funny take away from the whole Saakashvili story. Sergiy Kurchenko, the Moscow-based former bagman for the Yanukovych regime, has said he’s going to sue Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko for “protection of honour and dignity”.
The charge arises from Lutsenko’s presentation, on the day of the first attempt to arrest former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, of an audio recording which formed the basis of allegations that the Georgian was in cahoots with this Ukrainian in Moscow and was taking cash from him to finance the current protests in Kyiv. Let’s hope any judge hearing the case would start discovery by establishing what kind of honour or dignity Mr. Kurchenko thinks he has.
As Yanukovych came to power this young man had nothing. Throughout the Yanukovych presidency he became a multi-billionaire. When Yanukovych fled, Kurchenko (then all of 28-years old) was one of the 50 most-corrupt Ukrainians who moved to Moscow in one day.
Honour and dignity rating = zero.

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