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Gulliver – Everyone’s Favourite Shopping Centre

Gulliver – Everyone’s Favourite Shopping Centre

Gulliver was completed in 2013, becoming the tallest building in Ukraine. Since then, it has been surpassed by the residential skyscraper, Klovski Descent 7a, but Gulliver’s location in the very heart of Kyiv and its accessibility to businesses and consumers – locals and visitors alike – have made it one of the most iconic modern places in Kyiv.

Situated next to Palats Sportu, Gulliver practically marks the geographic centre of Kyiv. It is a 35-story skyscraper with one side devoted exclusively to business. The adjoining side includes a 16-story shopping mall, complete with restaurants, a Silpo grocery store, a movie theatre, a bowling alley and play space for kids. Their are a variety of restaurants to suit all your cravings and Gulliver Bowling is a fun choice for a birthday celebration. 

The shopping centre includes both Ukrainian and international brands and are advertised almost exclusively with Latin letters. Prices can be high-end, but visitors in search of a shopping spree can find anything in this megamall. Indeed, a trip to Gulliver deserves a spot on the agenda.


Fun Fact: The original name of the building was to be “Continental” but was renamed “Gulliver” after Jonathan Swift’s novel.


Sportyvna 1a, Pechersk

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How to get there: walking distance from Metro Station Palats Sportu, Lva Tolstoho, or Klovska; also accessible by car and bus



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