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Ham It Up

Ham It Up

Google Hamon and you’ll be introduced to Lord of Striking Thunder, and other references to all things Japanese anime. Add “guys” to the end of that, and you’ll be redirected to Kyiv’s first jamon bar – Hamonguys.

Serving jamon, wine, and much more, it’s a haven of good vibes and good taste, nestled in the new Amsterdam market near Druzhby Narodiv. Caution: when you visit, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy shop. You heard it here first – Hamonguys is a candy shop for adults! 

Meet the Guys

The place is run by Laurent and Yulia, who know a thing or two about giving a warm welcome. If you think Tarantino is the best dialogue writer, you’ve never heard these two communicate with their guests. What’s more, they seem to know their regular customers: Hamonguys is clearly the go-to lunch joint for people working in the neighbouring shops.

It’s hard to make a selection right away – there’s way too much to take in. The interior is well-designed, the atmosphere is as cosy as anything, and there’s no music, but that works well in the tight surroundings. If you’ve come to stayed in, be prepared that it might get busy. But, they also have a takeaway option, and for the summer months they’re planning a terrace to provide more space to enjoy the food. 

Edible Inventory

White wine 60 UAH
Rosé wine 60 UAH
Latte (x 2) 70 UAH
Pumpkin cream soup 69 UAH
Lentil cream soup 69 UAH
Sandwich with jamon 55 UAH
Croissant with jamon 79 UAH
Jamon 93.90 UAH
Onion jam 119 UAH
Total 674.90 UAH

Make sure you try:

Sundried tomatoes filled
with cheese 119.90 UAH
Bacon 36 UAH
Business lunch (all day)
cream soup + sandwich
with jamon + americano 99 UAH

Jamon it Up

Unwilling to risk destroying the place after a glass of wine on an empty stomach, I wait for my soup before starting to sip. Even though I’m usually skeptical about cream soups, these two are gorgeous, sprinkled, as you might guess, with jamon. The pumpkin soup is delicately spiced, and the lentil one is perfectly textured. When we move on to the main event – jamon with wine – the cured ham is neither salty nor dry – it’s just right.

We also sample some of their baked goods: the sandwich, feels light yet rich, and taste awesome. Most of the croissants you’ll find in Kyiv are made with margarine rather than butter, but the Hamonguys croissant is a game-changer. It’s soft, not too sweet, and totally moreish. This croissant also gets me hooked on their onion jam. Spoiler alert: I end up going home with a jar in bag.

To round off the meal, I order a latte, which comes just the way I like it: milky, but you can still taste the coffee. 

Come on, guys!

So, the question is this: is Hamonguys worth your time? Definitely! When you consider the heartfelt service and the quality of the food, it’s absurd how unknown this place is. It’s bound to become a word-of-mouth success story, and a sought-after spot for a gourmet lunch or aperitif. 


Boichuka 1/2
10.00 – 20.00
FB: Hamonguys

+380 66 780 2616

The What’s on checklist:

English Menu
English-speaking staff ✔︎
Wi-fi ✔︎
Price $$

WO Rating ✭✭✭✭✭

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