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New Speakeasy in Town

New Speakeasy in Town

Charles Baker takes the idea of a cocktail quest to a whole new level

If you were ever unsure that Kyiv is a place for adventure, you can quell those fears and quench your thirst at Charles Baker, the capital’s newest taproom.

What’s the Password?

You’ll need to figure this out first, because they’re not going to let you in without one. Once you have registered on their site, and email sent and received, you’ve got an all access pass to what is a rather funky little bar in the heart of Kyiv. Not visible from the street, follow the directions to the secret bookcase, utter the appropriate word, and you’re in. 

The venue is dark, cosy, and very 20s in its feel. The staff play the part too, dressed in white shirts rolled to the elbow, braces, and gambler hats. A word to the wise: there are rules to follow. One of which is the barman is always right. He is worth your respect however, as he can throw down a mean Old Fashioned. In addition, no more than one allowed in the toilet at a time (if you know what we mean), and there’s no vodka – this is a classy ‘illegal’ joint.

Potable Inventory

Old Fashioned 188 UAH

Whether you come to start the night off right or finish on a high, you won’t be disappointed. That is, if you don’t mind parting with a few of your hard-earned doubloons.

Charles Baker

V Vasylkivska 63

18.00 until the last guest

FB: chbbar

The What’s On Checklist

English menu ✔︎
English-speaking staff ✔︎
Wi-fi ✔︎
Price $$

WO Rating ✭✭✭✭✭

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