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HYMN TO LIGHT festival

HYMN TO LIGHT festival

On the days September 13-15, 2019, the “HYMN TO LIGHT” festival will be held in Kyiv, in a Small Hall of the Ukrainian House. The festival is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Sahaja Yoga in Ukraine. Offer to pay for a small exhibition railroad of the Ukrainian house. According to the organizers, the festival will consist of three parts: spiritual communication, the art exhibition and the concert by two bands: The Heavenly River, a Ukrainian fusion band, and world-famous INDIALUCIA.

Also, at the festival, the young vocal duo Aarowill be presented on September 13. This music combines elements of different cultures and calls for starting a journey to India. The festival will be a great opportunity for communication for all interested in spiritual development. It is the time for an open society and of a personality aspiring to freedom and light.
The Hymn of Light exhibition is an art exhibition by yoga artists who created their paintings in a state of meditation.
25 artists from 12 countries, including Ukraine, present almost a hundred canvas with the spiritual origin reflected. This is a fundamentally new approach to creativity shown by:

• Jeff Raum (USA), famous artist and theater decorator;
• Konstantin Sterhov (Russia), watercolorist, one of the best artists in the world;
• Giselle Moura (Brazil), an artist with a subtle feeling of details;
• Shan Shan Lim (Malaysia), fabric designer;
• Colin Heinsen (England), fresco artist;
• Volodymyr Jalamaga (Ukraine), watercolorist, architect;
• and many others.

The organizers do not aim at gathering “stars”, but rather at showing the spectators a variety of the in-depth inner world of artists who received self-realization.
AARO. A vocal project created to synthesize Indian classical music with electronic sound. An alternative oriental style of music is developed via reinvention of melodic Indian raga and their reinterpretation in a modern way. The main point of this music is to reflect the state of observation and inner silence.The Heavenly River. Ukrainian folk melodies, classical Indian music and jazz elements come into one place. The band collaborates with oriental and western singers and musicians. They also support plenty of cultural initiatives aimed at forming a new music direction with ecological and spiritual topics in mind.

INDIALICIA. A worldwide innovative music project which makes us familiarized with the musical culture of Southern Spain and Indian regions combining the basics of Indian music with flamenco and improvisation. Indialucia concert is a melting pot of musical styles and culture, worldwide famous virtuosos, ethnical instruments and singers from two continents.
The “HYMN TO LIGHT” festival will continue in 2020, a year of another special occasion — the 50th anniversary of Sahaja Yoga in the world. Sahaja Yoga is a method of self-improvement and self-realization based on ancient knowledge and practices. Nowadays, it perfectly suits people who are looking for spiritual improvements now and here. This practice first came to Ukraine in October 1989 when the founder of Sahaja Yoga Normal Shrivastava (1921-2011) came here. She visited Ukraine seven times with public programs. In overcrowded halls and stadiums, more than 20 thousand truth seekers got their spiritual realization.

The “Hymn to Light” festival starts on September 13 in Ukrainian House, Kyiv and will also take place in Kharkiv, Dnipro and Lviv during the year.
Come, vibrate in unison, fuse in the Light!

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