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Ice Cream Delivery

Ice Cream Delivery

It is indeed high time to comfort yourself with frozen treats, as we are less than a month away from summer 2020. Sure, you could visit one of your favourite grocery stores and buy one there, but what if you’re not yet comfortable with social interactions? Fortunately, local ice-cream makers have adapted to the quarantine and found ways to deliver your long-awaited treats. Here is a list of ice-cream delivery options that you can use from the comfort of your home. 



Instagram: honey_cafe

Honey’s delivery menu features a broad selection of house-made ice-cream flavours like yoghurt-blueberry, watermelon, vanilla-bourbon, coffee, and strawberry. Vegan-friendly options like pineapple-mango, matcha, currant, and fruit sorbets are also available. The price for a 300g pack is 294 UAH. If you’re more into milky flavours, you will also be impressed with their delightful options. Maybe you fancy a chocolate-glazed popsicle or a pistachio white chocolate ice-cream? Whatever your choice, order online at or by phone at 380 67 352 61 85. The minimum order is 300 UAH, plus an extra 70 UAH for delivery. If you live near one of the two Honey stores, you could also go for takeaway.


Facebook: mrpopsua

Instagram: mrpopsua

True Ice Bot

Mr. Pops is a brand of popsicles founded in 2015. Its motto is “True ingredients – true ice cream”. It’s no surprise people are going crazy for their delicious products. You can choose one of many fruit flavours or go for one of the classics, like vanilla or salted caramel. The price varies from 50 UAH up to 65 UAH per popsicle, and delivery is free for orders of 20 items or more. You may order 20 of the same flavour or a mix of different ones — let your taste buds make the decision. 

Mr. Pops is distributed via partner retail stores. So, if you are in the mood for an ice-cream and a stroll, check the full list of places where Mr. Pops is available to buy in person:


Facebook: umkaic

Instagram: umka.icecream

Official Website:

Price 200 – 350 UAH

Umka is famous not only for its creamy flavours like salted caramel, vanilla, creamy pistachio, and stracciatella but for their mouth-watering fruit sorbets, like mango, kiwi, lemon, and wild berries. Packages of 650g and 350g are available. If these flavours appeal to you, call them at 380 99 055 16 41 or get in touch via Messenger to place an order. Delivery is free for orders of 500 UAH and over, otherwise, delivery costs 100 UAH.


Facebook: valdeval.icecream

Hours: Mon-Sun 11.00 – 18.00

With 18 delicious flavours available, Val-de-Val has the perfect ice-cream to cool you down on a hot summer day. Their range includes basil, citrus, chocolate, peanut, coffee, sea buckthorn, coconut, peppermint, mango, and many other flavours. Each is pre-packed into 200g boxes (68 UAH), and delivery is free for orders of 1kg or five different flavours of 200g. To place an order, give them a call at 380 98 691 97 24.

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