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Icons of Ukraine – funny and (not so surprisingly) accurate

Icons of Ukraine – funny and (not so surprisingly) accurate

If you haven’t checked out the very cool little project Icons of Ukraine it’s high time. Collating some truly iconic symbols of this eastern European country, the creators have pulled together 67 images, items, positions, venues, ideas, people, transport, customs, and more in a pretty humourous collection of all things that make Ukraine, if not great, then certainly an interesting place to live.

For example: Meat Jelly

“Meat Jelly or ‘holodets’ is probably Ukraine’s wobbliest icon and the most divisive. You either love it or hate it. It’s not clear why ancient chefs thought holodets was a good idea or how anyone can put this in their mouth, let alone swallow, but that’s what they do. Yeah, it’s iconic but that doesn’t make it right. If you lose your mind and decide to try this stuff, don’t come crying to us.”

Check them out on their site or on Facebook

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