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Ideas For Autumn Activities

Ideas For Autumn Activities

It is a great idea to have a bucket list for every season. Writing down your ideas help to focus on activities that matter to you.

Autumn or a sweater weather season gives time to enjoy ourselves in the comfort of our homes or be engaged in outdoor activities. We are lucky that September in Kyiv is a moderately hot month, while October and November show their true autumn color palettes. To make the creation of your list easier, here are our picks of activities for the beginning of the season.

Breakfast with a Twist

Autumn lures you to have a picnic. Yes, you won’t be laying on the ground as you do in summer. But you can always sit on a bench and enjoy a sandwich or a slice of cake with home-brewed coffee. 

What is needed for an autumn breakfast on fresh air?

First and foremost is a good mood and a warm blanket to keep you safe when it is windy or chilly. The next step is to take with you comfort food. As an idea, try this original NY Times recipe for plum torte: It is easy to bake and an ideal match with coffee or tea. 

Checkout our picks for the best picnic spots

Nature Walk: Autumn Scavenger Hunt 

When heading to the park or forest with the kids or just for a family walk, spice up this activity with the quest to find autumn specific objects. It will train attentiveness and give an adventure-like vibe to your visit. We suggest including the following objects into the “hunt” list:  spiderweb, two similar rocks, mushroom, animal footprint, squirrel, acorn.

Time to boost your physical activities

BikeNow UA

Tribe10 FB: @trbten 

Nike+Run Club FB: @nikekyiv

While moving into the colder season, there are opportunities to keep your body and mind fit. The running’ club community is getting bigger and bigger in Kyiv. There is a high chance to join free training sessions and get to know new people. Tribe10, Nike+ Run Club are welcoming new members. Check the schedule on Facebook and sign up for the class.

If you are not into running, BikeNow is another option. It is a bike-sharing service with 302 parking stations and a flexible rent price (20 UAH/ 30 minutes). You will observe autumn Kyiv and strengthen your muscles at the same time.

Films and total chill 


It is the first time when Odessa International Festival (OIFF) takes place online from 25.09 to 3.10. The festival pass holders (990 UAH) will be able to watch both competition and non-competition programs and have a right to vote for the best film. Get comfy and press play for the 11th OIFF installment. 

The fall cinema season holds a great variety of releases on the big screen: superhero adventure Wonder Woman 1984, mystery thriller Death on the Nile starring Gal Gadot, Kenneth Branagh, Armie Hammer, a new part of the Bondiana No Time To Die. It is just a couple to name, many more are set for theatrical release. 

If you are a bit lazy to go anywhere, Netflix has numerous tv-shows to binge-watch.

Many people consider autumn to be a depressing season. But each season of the year has its perks, so we need to find the bright side of things and appreciate it.

Autumn is the perfect time to get outside before the long months of winter set in. Or, the cozy cooler weather provides a great opportunity to enjoy the comfort of our homes. However you plan to spend your Autumn, What’s On has some suggestions to help make this time of year memorable.

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