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Industrial Sound Ecstasy

Industrial Sound Ecstasy

Strichka is a 24-hour avant-garde electronic music festival that, in its fifth year, now features more than 30 world-class artists, six dance floors and promises a full-body sensory dance experience. It has generated considerable buzz in its short life. Online music magazine and community platform dedicated to showcasing electronic music, artists, and events across the globe, Resident Advisor has listed the event in its top 10. It is being held here in Kyiv, and it is beckoning.
The festival will be held on 19 May at the old ribbon factory that gives it its name. Founded 100 years ago, the machines have since been replaced by DJ equipment, and the old factory now serves as a springboard for progressive audio performances in various genres. The club is known as Closer, and the street on which it is located has become a synonym for the acid raves of the 60s. At that time, there was a new era of electronic music evolution, related to the accessibility of synthesisers. It is noteworthy many youngsters are so enthusiastic about this place they have tattoos with the name of the street – Nyzhneyurkovskaya 31. Don’t be put off if grey hairs are starting to show: regardless of age, being in this place is like being part of one big family.

Multiple Stages
The festival begins at 21.00 on the open-air stage called ‘The Yard’, accompanied by a breathtaking visual show. Kyiv-based project Friedensreich will be the first to play. Following, founder of the Kompakt label Wolfgang Voight will perform with his ambient GAS project. In addition, audiences will be treated to Boris Divider before the festival transitions to a new level.
From midnight, Strichka will open another four platforms, which will host music acts until 09:00, along with those playing in ‘The Yard’. House beasts Phil Weeks and DJ Sneak, outrageous French trio dOP and Kyiv producer Tropical Echobird will stagger the Closer dance floor. In the Mezzanine space, Norwegian disco proponent Prins Thomas will mix sounds, and on the Third Floor the atmosphere will be diluted with fresh techno from the co-creator of the festival – Nastia and Luke Slater from the UK. In addition, Vladimir Inkovic will perform alongside other artists in the underground platform Otel`.
At 09.00 the Lesnoy Prichal dance floor will open, which will host an after-party in the open air. Here you can listen to live music from Ion Ludwig and residents of Closer Noizar & Borys. It is worth noting this is not the full lineup, but only a sample of artists who will perform.

What’s On did manage to track down a couple of musicians who will perform at the festival – Ukrainian DJ, Nastia, also known as one of the best DJs in 2016 according to MixMag; and French house purist Phil Weeks.
Anastasia Topolskaya (Nastia) is the inspiration behind Strichka. Five years ago, she decided to celebrate her birthday with friends who worked with Closer, with various musicians on the invite list. Today, the festival has become a significant music event for the country. In her opinion, the Ukrainian techno scene has reached a completely new level and the whole club culture is experiencing unprecedented progress. On the question of where in the world is the most “authentic” electronica she confidently answers – “in Iceland”. Among the best representatives of western Europe techno Nastia notes Stanislav Tolkachev, Buttechno, and Juras Lietus. “Strichka is representative of the long-awaited and free summer with modern and diverse music. This is a real celebration,” she says.

A Quick Toke
Phil Weeks, before he begins speaking, asks for a little pause to roll a joint. At the festival, he will present “pure house music” with soft grooves of the 90s and early 2000s. Such musicians as Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, DJ Diz, DJ Rasoul, Mood 2 Swing, J Dilla, Cajmere, and Romanthony inspire him. He explains that he does not like to experiment, rather to innovate. “The best parties are held in South America, specifically in Argentina and Peru. There are people there who really love what I do and understand music. Although, comparing European parties to those in the Americas, for example, is difficult,” he says.
In addition to the top-shelf music promised on 19 May, the organisers of Strichka also promise a food court where you can find healthy eats, as well as several bars, and a teahouse. You’re going to need all the replenishment you can get – for this party rolls on into dawn.

Strichka Festival 2018
19 May at 21.00
Closer (Nyzhneyurkovskaya 31)
890 UAH
FB CloserKiev
* Only 2 500 tickets will be sold!


The Ukrainian techno scene has reached a completely new level and the whole club culture is experiencing unprecedented progress

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