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Innovative Ice Cream

Innovative Ice Cream

When you think of summer, you think ice cream. A refreshing treat on a hot day, it makes us recall happy childhood memories. However, Space Ice is here to prove that ice cream can be so much more. They offer craft desserts that combine delicious taste, original approach and stylish design by using natural products and innovative food freezing technologies. The freezing occurs at -196°C and takes a couple of seconds, ensuring the product preserves all the nutrients and vitamins at the molecular level.

What would you say about a combination of three different flavours – ripe strawberries, sweet honey and fresh goat cheese Chavroux – or an original mix of citrus fruits with coconut milk?
Try Philadelphia Blueberry – it boasts an amazing marble texture thanks to fruit and milk ingredients. Each cone has its own unique colour and pattern that can’t be repeated. It is like a work of art that you wont be able to take your eyes off of, that is, until you eat it.

But it gets better, Space Ice deliver their ice cream throughout Ukraine in special thermal boxes to help the frozen sweets retain their shape and taste for 48 hours.

On the Menu:
Blueberry Philadelphia
Salty Caramel
Citrus Fresh
Mango & Passion Fruit
Raspberry & Strawberry
Chocolate & Coffee
Strawberry & Chavroux

Price – UAH 80
Contacts: +38068747007


Check out the link to find about Kyiv’s outlets

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