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Is There a Doctor in the House?

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Feel better knowing these health institutions have got your back (and your feet, head, and heart, or any other body parts)

Visiting a doctor abroad can be disorienting, whichever country you’re in, and Ukraine is no exception. For visitors and expats alike, it’s good to have a contingency plan just in case. Even if you speak Ukrainian or Russian, the idea of dealing with a medical issue can be daunting: ordering coffee is one thing, but describing your symptoms is quite another. Although many in Ukraine are still suspicious of healthcare providers, as the country recovers from its corrupt past, Kyiv boasts several excellent private clinics that are rebuilding people’s trust in the medical profession.

Medikom was Ukraine’s first premium private clinic. Established in 1992, it was the dream of the Skurikhin brothers, neuropathologist Ihor and anaesthetist Oleksandr. There are two clinics in Pechersk and Obolon, offering a full range of Family Health and Dentistry services. Medikom also operates a hospital, which is open 24/7, served by a fleet of 11 ambulances. The hospital offers a complete range of outpatient services for children and adults, as well as a surgical clinic. The surgical clinic deals with both routine and urgent procedures. Resources here are available in English, and the clinic also cooperates with international insurance companies, which bodes well for the 5-10% of Medikom’s foreign clientele. 

+380 44 503 7777

Located near Lukianivska metro, American Medical Centers is one of the oldest medical care center in Kyiv (they also have clinics in Lviv and Odessa, as well as Georgia and Kazakhstan). The scope of medical services covers all family needs, urgent care, diagnostics, and more. Furthermore, the centre is resourced to work in cooperation with doctors back home. The centre director, British-born Dr Richard Styles, leads with extensive international medical experience, while the centre in Kyiv is staffed with fifteen internationally qualified doctors, all of whom speak English, Ukrainian, and Russian (with some French, German, and Greek-speaking doctors also). 

+380 44 490 7600

If you find yourself in Kyiv needing assistance, be assured that you’re in good hands. In fact, both international doctors Dr. Styles and Dr. Aganov agree that living in Kyiv offers even greater potential for healthy living, given that Ukrainians deeply understand the value of nature, exercise, and meaningful relationships. These things, more than anything else, are the solid foundations needed for a healthy life: they’re what make life worth living.

Doctor Sam
is a relative newcomer on the scene and is proud to be the first clinic in Ukraine to be accredited by the International Joint Commission (an American organisation which sets official international medical standards and practices). The centre was established by Dr Sam Aganov, who hails from the US and holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology as well as an MBA. You can find Doctor Sam in three different areas of Kyiv: near Druzhby Narodiv, Vystavkovyi Tsentr, and the US Embassy. Acknowledging that people feel nervous and vulnerable when they go to the doctor, Aganov wants his patients to forget they’re in a clinic, which is achieved using an unassuming layout with spring like colours, and, most importantly, the manner of the staff who embody his values. All speak English, Russian, and Ukrainian (with Farsi, French, and Czech also spoken by some team members). Open communication with doctors back home is encouraged. 

+380 80 050 9291

While Porcelain Group is overwhelmingly known for their work in dentistry and ophthalmology, this legendary 25-year Ukrainian-Swiss group also features medical facilities, featuring the highest level of service and advanced high-tech healthcare. Their on-site services at their Lukianivka location include specialists in gynaecology, dermatology, trichology, with a GP on staff – all of whom are western educated. But why stop there – they also have a nutritionist and dietologist who will help get you on track whether you’re fighting with food allergies or digestive issues, chronic skin or blood diseases, or are trying to get pregnant. In addition, all doctors speak a minimum level of English, with translators available if necessary.

Weekdays 09.00 – 21.00
Saturday 09.00 – 17.00
+380 44 593 7788

Emergencies aside, Kyiv is also home to some excellent massage studios.
A premier option is Mikhail Guz Massage Studio, with up to seven locations on all three metro lines and on both sides of the Dnipro. Their mission statement is to make professional massage available and affordable for all. Interestingly, while massage therapists in Western countries are overwhelmingly female, the majority of Guz’s employees are male. They are polite, sincere, and able to speak English if necessary. The services cover therapeutic and sports massage, as well as anticellulite massage, massage for babies, and a six-hand massage for those looking for the ultimate indulgence. Prices start at 150 UAH.

08.00 – 22.00
+380 50 393 0842

For urgent medical assistance, dial 103

Other expat-friendly clinics:

+380 44 238 0000

+380 97 495 2888
(or emergency line *2888)

Oxford Medical
+380 80 030 0655

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