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It’s a Jungle Out There

It’s a Jungle Out There

If you’re familiar with Kyiv, you’ll know it to be a metropolis buzzing with activity in between its eclectic mix of buildings. Noise, asphalt, concrete – all of these are integral parts of a modern city, especially in the centre. However, among the urban jungle in the very heart of Kyiv there is an oasis – a jungle of a different kind

To get away from the rat race, Botanic Coffee & Cocktail Bar. This is a venue where three key factors come together: delicious food, exclusive coffee, and excellent cocktails. It positions itself as a “feeding bar”, and therefore suitable for various activities: a lunch break to tuck into a fantastic burger, a visit for a delicious “Instagram latte”, or a cocktail party at leisure with friends.

Constant Evolution and Innovation

In early August, an updated menu was launched: more compact, but still containing unique offerings all of them tempting to try. A very important aspect is the fact that alongside the more conventional dishes, there are also many vegan options, which combine ingredients and flavours to satisfy even the most devoted follower of this lifestyle.


Lemongrass Latte 

90 UAH

Cucumber Panna Cotta 

55 UAH

Chicken Shawarma 

 75 UAH

Coffee here is another strong attraction, which is why the owners have it included in the name. Exclusive types of the caffeinated beverage, which will surely be appreciated by coffee lovers, are combined with an impressive presentation in every single coffee cup. “Instagram Latte”, “Espresso Martini Coffee”, “Violet Cappuccino” – what would your choice be?

Something with More Kick

Another feature is, of course, cocktails, as you have already guessed from the name of the venue. First off, if you prefer classic cocktails, any are available here and all at the same price – 150 UAH. However, if you are open to new experiences, Botanic’s list of unique cocktails hardly fits into three pages of their menu and can satisfy any desire; even for those who believe they have already tried everything. As for the look of each cocktail, Botanic really knows how to pull out all stops in terms of presentation, so that each client is impressed, and gets maximum enjoyment from it.


Instagram Latte

90 UAH
Whiskey Latte

 75 UAH

Holy Beef Burger

95 UAH

Grilled Sandwich with French Fries

 85 UAH

Dor Blue Cheese Salad

120 UAH
Botanic Heart

 55 UAH

Carrot Cake

60 UAH

Mr Garden Cocktail

110 UAH

Pineapple Apple Pen Cocktail

140 UAH


830 UAH

On to Eats

If you came here hungry, you can be sure you won’t leave as such, thanks to a recently updated menu. Breakfast is available throughout the day, from omelettes to Belgian waffles, and mains on offer include a wide range of pasta, salads, a refined salmon steak, a bowl of mussels, or even baked snails! For the more budget conscious, with an appreciation for the student lifestyle, the menu offers many variations and takes on the classic burger, or such Middle East delicacies as hummus or kebabs.

Garden Setting

And all of this is set among greenery, which is, literally, everywhere. Grass, moss, exotic plants – it’s hard to believe that only walls separate you from the hubbub of the city outside. You seem to fall into another dimension, where peace, nature, combined with another of life’s pleasures – dining – comes together. Although this establishment opened not so long ago, it has already proved a success with the city’s residents and visitors alike. Botanic combines its own unique cuisine, an extensive cocktail list, a garden-like appearance and modernity in every detail. The venue keeps up-to-date with the latest trends and is constantly improving, so that every guest leaves satisfied. So when you feel like you’re getting lost in the concrete jungle, take a break at Botanic.

The What’s On Check List

English Menu (partially) +
English-speaking staff +
Wi-fi +


WO Rating  ****

Botanic Coffee & Cocktail Bar
V Vasylkivska 106
11.00 – 23.00
+380 66 033 1273

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