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Kashtan’s EDM to Rock This Autumn!

Kashtan’s EDM to Rock This Autumn!

Ukrainian EDM buffs rejoice! The music community Kashtan welcomes you to its grand party! 

Vera Logdanidi, a talented DJ and the organizer of this event, welcomes electronic music enthusiasts to join a five-hour live jam Techno Botanics. Techno Botanics, created by Serge Synthkey, is about musicians going all-out with the energy of freedom burning as their fuel. Kashtan aims to unites local musicians so they can interact, exchange the experience, and meet new people. What started as a radio show by Vera Logdanidi is now on the verge of becoming an amazing new label. The party starts today at 20.00 at Nyzhnoiurkivska 31. The nearest metro station is Tarasa Shevchenka. Remember, you can still visit the event if you’re not a musician and just want to hear some quality EDM. The entrance is FREE!

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