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Kyiv Borsch: Taste You’ll Never Forget

Kyiv Borsch: Taste You’ll Never Forget

The Ukrainian national dish borscht is frequently cooked in every family and can be defined as the gastronomy symbol of Ukraine. The recipe varies from region to region but two ingredients remain unchanged: beetroot and fermented beetroot juice. The original recipe has more than 20 components. It’s a unique combination of sour, sweet, salt and spicy ingredients that are boiled, fried, stewed and pickled. Borscht is usually served with sour cream and pampushky (buns) with garlic. 

The history of the dish dates back to the XVIIth century but its origins are still fiercely debated. We may find 70 different borscht types, but Kyiv borscht is considered the most exquisite. It consists of the mandatory ingredients: beef, mutton, pork, bay leaf, black pepper, dried pears and prunes. Did your mouth also start watering? Then check out one of these restaurants to taste one of the most wonderful dishes in the world: Pervak, O`Panas, Kanapa, SHO, Spotykach. 

Want more? There’s a small town located in the Ternopil region that was named after Ukrainian borscht and is called Borshchiv. Every autumn it becomes the center of the Borsch-yiv festival. This year it will take place on 12-13 September where you may taste 50 different types of borsch. 

An interesting fact: there is a geographical concept called the “borscht belt” that covers the territories where borscht is traditionally cooked – from southeastern Poland through Ukraine, Belarus to the Russian regions on the Volga and Dnieper.


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