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Kyiv Day 2020 – Quarantine-Style

Kyiv Day 2020 – Quarantine-Style

Want to know how to celebrate Kyiv’s 1 538th birthday – quarantine-style? Check out our guide to live events, online events, or take our Kyiv Day quiz for what’s sure to be a one-of-a-kind party!

What is Kyiv Day?

Each city in Ukraine throws a little party to celebrate its founding and the last weekend of May each year is Kyiv’s turn. Founded in 482 by Kyi (after whom Kyiv gets its name) and his three siblings, the city really started the modern tradition of throwing a party back in 1982, when the city celebrated its 1 500th anniversary. Normally, the event would be marked by concerts, exhibitions, and food and beer stands – as well as Sunday fireworks – this year promises to be something altogether different. 

Online Events

With the city still under adapted quarantine measures, most of the traditional events will take place online. The popular @Chestnut Run marathon will take place online this year. Instead of a mass of runners, a group of “ambassadors” including, including Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko, Olympians Vadym Gutzayt and Khrystyna Struy, doctors, veterans, and sponsors, will run 5 km. You can get involved too, by donating 100 UAH, with proceeds going to the needs of Ukrainian doctors and medical institutions, including the Centre for Pediatric Cardiology. You can donate and watch the run (at 10.00) here:

Kyiv TV Concert Schedule: ‘Adam’ at 13.15, ‘On i Ona’ at 14.15, ‘Hrut O’ at 15.25, ‘Number 482’ at 16.10, ‘Green Grey’ at 16.45

Ukraine WOW Virtual Exhibition: Organised by national train company Ukrzaliznytsia, the @Ukraine WOW exhibition highlights not only Ukraine’s trains, but all the beautiful places they can take you. The exhibition set a record with over 330,000 visitors before quarantine, but you can still go on a tour of the exhibition online (

Tulip Exhibition Online: The popular Tulip Exhibition at Spivache Pole near the Motherland Monument is closed to the public this year, but you can still check out the beautiful flower arrangements from one of four views: Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 3, or Camera 4.

Classical Music Online: You can check out concerts from the Khreshchatyk Academic Chamber Choir, the Kyiv Academic Municipal Brass Band, the Kyiv Academic Ensemble of Ukrainian Music ‘Dnipro’, the Kyiv National Academic Operetta Theatre and the L. Revutsky Municipal Academic Men’s Choir.

Live Events

With parks and outdoor patios now open, it is possible to get out and get some fresh air. The city has even arranged for a special serenade from the @Kyiv Academic Opera & Ballet Theatre for Children and Youth (2 Mezhyhirska St.) balcony at 20.00. If venturing outside, do remember to bring your ID, keep your distance, and wear a mask!

Living Dragons & Magic Trees Fantasy Park at @VDNKh: This popular interactive exhibition features more than 20 dragons from around the world! You’ll be impressed by their size and variety, but watch out – they bite! Open from 10.00 – 20.00 at VDNKh (1 Gluskova). Adults: 150 UAH, Children: 120 UAH, Family: 370 UAH.

Kyiv Fountains Opening: Kyiv’s musical fountains will light up again today across the city. You can check out the fountains on Independence Square, the Waterball Fountain across from the Founders of Kyiv monument, the Khreschatyk Fountain (25 Khreschatyk & V Vasylkivska 119-121), and the Rusanivsky Canal fountains. 

What’s On Kyiv’s Kyiv City Day Quiz

How many can you get right? Correct answers will be posted online tomorrow (June 1).

  1. Kyiv’s oldest street is more than 1 000 years old! What is it?
  2. On Independence Square you will find a monument to the Founders of Kyiv. What are their names?
  3. Kyiv has hosted Olympic football, the Champions League final, and the EURO 2012 final. It also hosted two NHL teams in exhibition hockey games against the city’s beloved Sokil. What NHL teams played in Kyiv?
  4. In the 15 years Ukraine has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest, Kyiv has hosted the glitzy competition twice. Who were Ukraine’s representatives those years and what songs did they sing?
  5. Now known the world over as the site of some of Ukraine’s groundbreaking revolutions, Independence Square went under a number of different names before, well, independence. How many can you name?
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