Kyiv is Calling: WINNER!

15 May 2018

With the 2018 UEFA Champions League here in Kyiv this year, Michael Hudson of Dinternal Education came up with a fabulous competition to get locals out and about, showcasing their favourite parts of Kyiv to the throngs of tourists headed our way this month. “We got entries from secondary school students, college and university teams, even a combined effort from one student in Kyiv and another in Dnipro,” he says, never thinking they would get so many high-quality entries. There could be only one big winner however and “the best of the best” was a video by Diana Teliakova and Daryna Yatsenko, first year students at the Kyiv National Linguistic University’s Faculty of Economics and Law.
We caught up with the two busy ladies who say they first heard about the competition from their English teacher. “We decided to feature the places we really like to spend time in; those venues not so popular among tourists. Our favourite place in Kyiv is the Obolon embankment: it is the cosiest place in the city which is beautiful regardless of the time of year.”
Want the scoop on more of the best places to visit while in Kyiv? Make sure to check out their video.
For What’s On readers exclusively, the two city-dwellers have a few tips to share outside of the football arena: “The best way to travel Kyiv is by metro – it’s fast, cheap, and easy to understand. Be careful with the small currency-exchange outlets when changing money, especially in the centre; they don’t always have the best rates. And finally, remember that Ukrainians are very friendly, so feel free to ask for help!”


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