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Kyiv-Themed Puzzles to Beat the Quarantine Blues

Kyiv-Themed Puzzles to Beat the Quarantine Blues

Though some restrictions have loosened in Kyiv, many people will continue to self-isolate. But after a while of being at home all the time, you end up doing nothing and feeling lethargic.

To help you get out of that slump, we have rounded up some ideas that will keep your brain active, your mind nimble, and your spirits high. 

Puzzles can engage you in a variety of fun problem-solving and learning activities. Some of them can give you an opportunity to travel while you are stuck at home. And most importantly, they are great for both children and adults.  

Let’s go down the list.  

  1. offers its Map of Ukraine to help you explore this big, diverse, and largely undiscovered land. The jigsaw game consists of 100 rainbow-coloured cardboard pieces. All regions are represented through their landmarks, architecture peculiarities, attractions, animals, and curious facts. When assembled, it makes a 46-by-64-centimetre picture. Check out for pricing information. 
  2. The 24-piece Kyiv hidden picture puzzle is another option to satisfy your jigsaw craving. It is a large meticulously detailed picture where you can find new characters whenever you start a game. It is also an interactive map that invites you to walk around the city and listen to its inspiring stories. The size of the assembled image is 100 by 67 centimetres. Learn more on the Facebook page @hytryzhuk. 
  3. Kyiv City Puzzle is a hand-drawn, 100-piece map that takes you on a tour around the city’s centre packed with beautiful streets, boulevards, parks, squares, monuments, fountains, lanterns, and street sculptures. When collecting pieces, you will also collect impressions and memories. When it’s complete, you will enjoy a 34-by-34-centimetre picture. Find more information at or on the Facebook page @krokui.

Remember, you don’t have to finish the puzzle in one sitting. You can come to it whenever you want! A splendid thing, isn’t it?

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