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Kateryna Kyselyova
15 May 2018

Twenty-two Ukrainian wineries plus an additional eight from Europe is an equation that can only equal, simply, lots of good wine. Add to this Ukrainian gastronomic specialties, and you get the Kyiv Food and Wine Festival taking place at Kyiv’s International Exhibition Centre (VDNH) on 19-20 May.
Regardless of whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a freshman, the Kyiv Food and Wine Festival will welcome you with a guide so you don’t get lost, along with a wineglass to ensure you try the full range of wines presented.

A Weekend of Wines
Before hitting the booze, participate in the Kyiv Wine Run. The idea behind this event is that you run wearing a carnival costume and all wineries on the way will treat you to their wine! This goes against the idea that drinking wine is a leisurely activity – rather, it’s an opportunity to prove wine and exercise can be mixed. The winners will be rewarded respectively – with three, two, or one box of wine.
If jogging is not your glass of wine, test your mettle with the oyster battle. Ukraine has local oyster farms which are a guarantee of freshness of product. All you have to do is shuck five oysters and down them faster than other competitors.
Kyiv Food and Wine Festival is not only about wining and dining, it is also educational, so visitors of the event can create a wine map of Ukraine and organisers provide their assurances you’ll discover lots of new destinations to add to your wish-list.

Pairing and Sharing
Chances are you may become a fan of Ukrainian wine after the event, so What’s On talks to sommelier Yevheniya Nilolaychuk who suggests the perfect food and wine match for parties over the summer months.
“For a romantic date I recommend sparkling wine – light, fresh, and bubbly, it will not bother you with complexity but will induce conversation,” Nilolaychuk says. “And oysters of course, see if they live up to their reputation as the best aphrodisiacs. This combination is all about ‘love being in the air’.
“If you’re planning a barbecue, my suggestion is light and not very aged red wine – it will match well with anything you are going to grill – meat, fish, vegetables. Don’t go for expensive wine, as a barbecue suggests there will be lots being poured.”
Her choice for a ‘girls only’ evening is simple – rose. “Fresh and aromatic, rose wines are perfect for girl-talk and complements any starters you might prepare.”
Want an idea for a picnic? Here you go: a variety of vegetables, some seafood dishes, a bottle of Sauvignon and the appropriate glasses for it. “Why bother with the correct glasses? First of all, it looks great, secondly – only a proper wine glass lets you feel the bright popping aroma of a wine.”

Kyiv Wine and Food Festival
Open-air festival
19-20 May at 11.00
International Exhibition Centre (VDNH) (Hlushkova 1)
80 UAH

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