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Lemur Zoo Reopened: A Fun Activity for Families

Lemur Zoo Reopened: A Fun Activity for Families

Discover a new world without even leaving the city

With COVID-19 restrictions becoming more lenient, families can now enjoy an excursion to the Kyiv’s Lemur Zoo. Located on the left bank and situated in the Arkadia strip mall, the zoo is easily accessible from the Osokorky metro station. This location allows you to do a little window shopping before you immerse yourself in another world and observe the exotic animals.


Excitement and Education for All Ages

One of  Lemur Zoo’s goals is to help protect endangered species from extinction by providing them with care and a safe home. In effort to do so, the enclosures are constructed to mimic the animals’ natural habitats as close as possible. Over the years, the animals have become more accustomed to human contact, and some are comfortable being petted by visitors. As part of their mission statement, Lemur Zoo wishes to spread awareness about the social responsibility to care for the environment and all of its creatures. They support this through offering activities and tours centred around biology and zoology. 

Staffed with experts who are equipped to engage audiences of all ages, these lessons promise to be informative and entertaining. In addition, there are face painting stations and quests that people can join, for that extra fun. One can even celebrate their birthday at the zoo and include some of the animals on the guest list! There are 21 inhabitants of the zoo including several species of lemurs, cats, rabbits, and pigs; several reptiles including iguanas, a land tortoise, a python, an Australian dragon lizard, and a panther chameleon; several farm animals as well as some unique guests such as an African hedgehog, a meerkat, a striped skunk, a common marmoset, and even a South American tetra glofish. 

When Can You Visit?

The Zoo is open every day from 10.00 to 22.00. Admission prices are free for children under 3 years (identification needed). For children aged 3 to 8, ticket prices range from 150 UAH on workdays and 170 UAH on holidays. For all visitors over the age of 8, the price is 170 UAH on workdays and 190 UAH on holidays. An individual tour costs 200 UAH, and a group tour with up to 7 people costs 400 UAH. 

NOTICE: Until the end of June, all admission tickets are discounted by 20 UAH.

So, if you’re ready to safely get back out there and enjoy what this city has to offer, an excursion to the Lemur Zoo is a delightful activity the whole family will enjoy. 

Lemur Zoo
33 Dniprovska Naberezhna, Arkadia mall
+380 44 499 9944 

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