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With Liberty and Good Food For All

With Liberty and Good Food For All

Ever since I rewatched Baby Driver over the holidays, I’ve been dreaming of a traditional American-style meal; this month, my dream turns reality when I get the chance to visit Kyiv’s cosiest place with a diner vibe

The Liberty Diner opened its doors to guests in 2019 and is part of the Gusovsky network (sister restaurants include Osteria Pantagruel, Pizzeria Napule, and more). Once you step inside, first impressions are key. In true American style, the staff welcome us with a smile, setting a positive tone. En route to our table, we notice a cute dog lounging on the floor. Dog-friendly? Tick! Even though the design is fresh, it has the feel of a classic diner, with comfy sofas near the windows and a steel counter, channeling a Hollywood film-esque atmosphere.

Pick And Choose

We decide to start with the specialities – a cheeseburger and sweet potato fries. The first bite steals my heart: with its fresh bun and juicy medium beef patty, this cheeseburger automatically earns a place in the top ten burgers found in Kyiv. The sweet potato fries are served with truffle aioli sauce, which adds umami flavour to the cheeseburger deliciousness. We share one burger between two, to save room for the next stop: pizza.

Fancy a Drink?

In between dishes, we enjoy a couple of cocktails to tide us through. Advised to try the Zombie Punch and Peanut Bitter, the first is a strong spirited drink based on a blend of sweet and firm rum, while the second offers a perfect mixture of handcrafted gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari. You can also try their signature beverages (made in-house) as well as local beers and wines. Chatting and laughing, we enjoy tracks by Madonna, Mick Jagger, and INXS. Nothing could be better – except the pizza, of course, which is on its way.

Pizza Time

“Life happens. Pizza Helps” is what the neon sign on the wall reminds us. The menu talks about the pizza’s distinctive crust – cornicione in Italian – a great Neapolitan tradition, and a sign of perfect dough. Having ordered the Quattro Formaggio, the dough is perfectly thin and crispy, while the four-cheese topping offers a distinct, moreish flavour. One taste and you’re hooked: before you know it, you’ll be back with your friends for more (or ordering it from home via UberEats).

Edible Inventory 

Cheeseburger 259 UAH
Sweet potato fries with lemon zest and truffle aioli 165 UAH
Quattro Formaggi 285 UAH
Zombie Punch 169 UAH
Peanut Bitter 169 UAH
Caramel Popcorn Cheesecake 125 UAH
Americano 39 UAH
Total: 1211 UAH

Make Sure You Try

Beef pastrami with mustard 245 UAH
Quattro Carni 295 UAH
Chocolate Milkshake 89 UAH
Matcha Cake 195 UAH

Sweet Cravings

It’s dessert time: we get a slice of caramel popcorn cheesecake with a velvety Philadelphia texture and crusty base. If you are a matcha lover, you can get an enormous slice of Matcha Cake (ideally-sized for sharing). Both are wonderful complements to a good cup of Joe.

The place has a great atmosphere for dates, meeting up with friends, and family gatherings. It also makes an excellent location for a chilled Sunday breakfast. In short, Liberty Diner stands for freedom of choice for your tastebuds and right, in the heart of Podil.

Liberty Diner

 Verkhnyi Val 28

⎯ Sunday – Thursday 08.00 – 23.00
Friday – Saturday 08.00 – 24.00
 +380 68 929 7576
FB: libertydinerkyiv

The WO Checklist

English menu ✔︎
English-speaking staff ✔︎
Wifi ✔︎
Dog-friendly ✔︎
Vegetarian and vegan meals ✔︎
Price $$
WO Rating ✭✭✭✭

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