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Live Music (October)

Live Music (October)

Hold your breath – an emotional melancholy

Benjamin Clementine (UK, avante-garde, progressive)

October Palats (Institutskaya 1)

10 November at 19.00

A nugget, forged on the streets of England and France, in November will present an unforgettable evening to Kyiv connoisseurs of avant-garde music. The contemporary-artist Benjamin Clementine lost his home due to his passion for music and was forced to become a vagabond musician (to busk), but this did not prevent him from finding world fame and becoming a tenor of his generation. And just as the piano strings vibrate from Clementine’s play, also the sense of his songs makes his listeners react. Come and enjoy this part of the modern music scene.

Tickets: 600-2 000 UAH


Rhythm of Freedom

Bugge Wesseltoft (NOR, jazz)

CLOSER (Nizhnyurkovskaya 31)

23 October at 20.00

Bugge Wesseltoft is a musical enthusiast who in his oeuvre laconically combines piano, electronic instruments, and percussion. His work is interpreted and revealed through intuition, rather than direct narrative. Thus, Bugge creates an atmosphere in which the listener encounters existential categories of being – anxiety, fear, and alienation – and finds peace in them. And it’s worth going through, again.

Tickets: 500 UAH

Damien Escobar (US, jazz)

17 October at 19.00

Tickets: 250-3 000 UAH

National Palace of Arts Ukraine (V Vasylkiyvksa 103)


Johnny Oneal

20 October at 20.00

Tickets: 400-1 300 UAH

Bel’Etage (Shota Rustaveli 16a)


The Retuses (RU)

20 October at 20.00

Tickets: 200-450 UAH

ATLAS (Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41)


WO Reccomends MONATIK

20 October at 19.00

Tickets: 799-5 999 UAH

Palace of Sports (Sportyvna Square 1)


BrainStorm (LT, pop/rock)

21 October at 19.00

Tickets: 600-2 000 UAH

ATLAS (Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41)


Pippo Pollina

21 October at 19.00

Tickets: 220-350 UAH

Caribbean Club (Symona Petlyury 4)


Joe Cocker Tribute

24 October at 19.00

Tickets: 170-650 UAH

October Palats (Institutskaya 1)


Glenn Hughes (UK, rock)

26 October at 19.00

Tickets: 350-2 000 UAH

Palace of Culture and Arts – “KPI” (Pr Peremohy 37)


Maria Chaykovskaya (new album presentation)

29 October at 19.00

Tickets: 250-1 000 UAH

ATLAS (Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41)


Poets of the Fall (FI, rock)

1 Noveber at 20.00

Tickets: 990-3560UAH

Sentrum (Shota Rustaveli 11)



2 November at 20.00

Tickets: 380-560UAH

Sentrum (Shota Rustaveli 11)


Nastya Znikaye

6 November at 20.00

Tickets: 120-450UAH

Caribbean Club (Symona Petlyury 4)


The Kooks (UK, pop rock)

8 November at 19.00

Tickets: 990-2000UAH

Stereo Plaza (Lobanovskogo 119)


WO Reccomends Adam Gontier (CA, rock)

8 November at 19.00

Tickets: 750-1700UAH

ATLAS (Sichovykh Striltsiv, 37-41)


All Music is Jazz

10 November – 13 November at 20.00

Tickets: 450-800UAH

CLOSER (Nizhnyurkovskaya 31)


VIII International Blues Festival

12 November at 20.00

Tickets: 300-450UAH

Bel’Etage (Shota Rustaveli, 16a)

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