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Looking for Quality Shawarma?

Looking for Quality Shawarma?

Looking for quality shawarma? There’s so many choices in Kyiv, but thankfully, we know the best spot for this delicacy; the perfect combination of good taste and relatively cheap price.  

Introducing BPSH, which already tells you its main dishes by the name: B is bilyash, P is for ponchyk and SH is for shawarma. At first it seems like your typical Ukrainian street food, but it’s smart casual format  says otherwise. You can get a rich selection of freshly cooked meat just for 69 UAH. If you have a large appetite, then you might take on the mighty monster shawarma XXL for 79, it’s like a small food kingdom packed into a soft shell. 

For those with a sweet tooth, there are ponchyky or dumplings that cost 19 UAH for 6. If there was the best way to describe this venue in Ukrainian it would be “дешево та сердито” which means, that it’s cheap but of amazing quality. 

BPSH is a chain with several venues in Kyiv. 

Velyka Vasylkivska  21, Shevchenkivskyi District

To get to the one in the Shevchenkivskyi district, take the metro to Ploscha Lva Tolstoho.

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