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Master Classes in Kyiv this September

Master Classes in Kyiv this September

Summer might be over, but the time for learning new things is upon us. Why not take a few masterclasses to whet your educational appetite..?


Lihtaryk is a family-oriented art studio in the heart of Pechersk. Dedicating their lives to art, Svitlana and Oleksiy opened the studio seven years ago and have been helping residents of Kyiv bring out their artistic side ever since. This month, they present a wide variety of master classes in which to partake. Here are just a few:

The Potter’s Wheel

Were there no potters in your family to pass on the craft? Not to worry, the Fonarik Art Studio has some incredible masters who are ready to teach you the secrets of the potter’s wheel. As a natural material, clay is extremely versatile and will literally mould to whatever shape you wish. Our ancestors believed it lends itself not only to the hands of the person who touches it, but also his soul, which is why many legends and traditions are associated with pottery. Pre-registration required. Materials and master class both included in the price.

Pottery Master Class

Various times

Price: 250 UAH


Painting with Coffee

Hardly a new art form, coffee painting has been sweeping the globe and increasing greatly in popularity. The simple trick is to add a little water to the russet-coloured (usually instant) granules to vary the degree of intensity of colour and tone. Boiling the coffee also brings about differing results, but this, and all else will be discussed when you attend. This master class is open to both children and adults with all materials provided. 

Coffee Painting Master Class

Various Times

Price: 200 UAH


Gaudi-style Mosaics 

A mosaic is a painting made of coloured stones, ceramic tiles, or smalt, which originated many many years ago, becoming especially widespread during the Roman Empire. Mosaics are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also very durable. You will fall in love with this craft: imagine taking coloured glasses that sparkle in the light and creating a beautiful work of art. Each pattern is one hundred per cent unique because no one, not even you, will be able to reproduce the same colour scheme and combination of elements a second time. All materials are provided in this master class.

Mosaic Master Class

Various Times

Price: 400 UAH

Sand Animation

Sand animation is a special kind of art that combines the play of light, sand, and your imagination, and is overall a very creative process. The main thing that distinguishes sand animation from other artistic areas is the glowing surface on which an artist works: In the presence of backlighting, the image acquires the necessary contrast, expressiveness, and, in essence, “comes to life”. Great as an option for art therapy – all materials are provided. 

Sand Animation Master Class

Various Times

Price: 200 UAH

Overall, there are plenty of ways to stir your creativity this September – all you need to do is give one a try!

Likhtaryk Art Studio 

Bastiona 5a




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