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More than Trendy Caucasian Cuisine

More than Trendy Caucasian Cuisine

While the first snow is falling, I am warming up around the fireplace at Baklazhan, a restaurant belonging to the well-known Tarantino Family chain. Serving up Middle Eastern cuisine, their menu features some of the most iconic dishes from Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Located in A central part of Kyiv, it is a perfect place to escape from the city bustle
Warm and Tranquil

The first thing you think on entering is: wow, how peaceful it is. Greeted by a friendly coatroom attendant, the hostess takes us to our table. We are seated in the main hall and can’t help but look up. Charmed by the glass ceiling, I may have to return during the day to look up at the sky in broad daylight.
While waiting for our food to arrive, I take a look around. It is now clear what makes the general atmosphere so relaing– warm colours and lighting plus relaxing music. With a majestic Christmas tree and decorations everywhere, it’s obvious the venue is ready for the holidays. The restaurant is spacious enough: a main hall, two banquet halls, a children’s room, and on open kitchen, so the distance between the tables allows you to share your innermost thoughts.
Every Friday, so I’m told, the venue features live music. It is a nice touch, holiday season or otherwise, and one you will no doubt get caught up in. Just don’t forget to call a cab when it’s time to leave.

Delve into Traditional Cuisine

We start with eggplant rolls with tomatoes and walnuts. The taste is very gentle, the rolls almost melt in my mouth. Everything is well-balanced: not too spicy, not too bland. My guest this evening does not disagree. As we enjoy this first course, we observe the process of skewered meat and fresh vegetables being prepared: everything is cooked on the grill, in the open kitchen.
But what makes my mouth water is when it actually appears on the table.
The chicken is so juicy, and the tender meat served with pomegranate sauce, while unusual, is delicious. The sour hints combined with the fruity flavour completely hit me. Next are the veal khinkali. I have tried this dish before, many times, and so I think I know what to expect. They are scrumptious – some of the best I have ever had.
To quench our thirst this evening we have basil compote, which reminds me of the basil lemonade my mother used to make. Nostalgia turns to satisfaction, and mulled wine is served later. Served without sugar, it’s a great beverage option so that I can control how much sugar I add.

WO Edible Inventory

Eggplant rolls with tomatoes and walnuts 148 UAH
Chicken skewers 170 UAH
Grilled vegetables 105 UAH
Veal khinkali 125 UAH
Pomegranate sauce 45 UAH
Basil compote 45 UAH
Red mulled wine 85 UAH

Total: 723 UAH

Make sure you try:
Lamb luleh-kebab 195 UAH
Baked eggplant rolls with veal and suluguni cheese 152 UAH
Chaikaneh pilaf with lamb and barberry 215 UAH

Getting Ready to Celebrate


With the holidays almost upon us, people muss and fuss trying to decide where to celebrate the New Year. Baklazhan can solve this small challenge. With two banquet halls (one for 10 – 14, the other for 20 – 30 people) and the spacious main hall, you’ll find no problem trying to arrange an exceptional celebration. Where whether you’re celebrating with family, friends, or colleagues, there is something for everyone among the broad selection of snacks and large portions of Caucasian national specialities. In addition, guests celebrating the New Year will receive a pleasant gift from the Baklazhan team – a culinary master class in khinkali cuisine. Now there’s a gift you’ll have likely never thought to give or receive. 


Can’t get in to this location? Visit the one near metro Olimpiiska (V Vasylkivska 57/3). It’s the best place to grab a quick business lunch. In addition, Baklazhan offers free delivery service, so you can enjoy Caucasian delights at home any night of the week!


 Shevchenko Blvd 35

⎯ 12.00 – 00.00

The WO checklist:

English Menu ✔︎
English-speaking staff ✔︎
Wi-fi ✔︎
Price $$
WO Rating ✭✭✭✭


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