New Crowd Funding Platform Launches

15 July 2018

One of the most acute problems Ukraine faces right now is related to the war in the east. This time though the fight is not with bombs and bullets but with thoughts and emotions. Since the onset of conflict, a total of 335 000 men and women have answered the call to defend their country. Where they are currently being let down is in their post-service care, and re-adaptation to civilian life, work, family, and the strange new normal that former soldiers face. With somewhere between 550 and 1 000 veterans having taken their own lives after leaving the military, more is needed in terms of psychological care.

This new initiative is something anyone can take part in. Not only are individuals crowdfunding this much-needed element of care, but, people who opt to participate can show they care as well. Check out www.UkrainianPatriot.com for more details – it’s the first campaign of what is expected to be a global project. Inspired by and born in Ukraine, it’s an initiative that aims to help change the world.

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Ukraine recently sold 270 million USD worth of short-term bonds, adding much-needed liquidity to the nation’s coffers. The big deal here is that these short-term bonds were placed at a price of just 5.52% annualised return for the three-month bonds, and 5.89% for the six-month version. If we go back just a few years, international […]

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In recent years many Ukrainians have sought work overseas. There are many reasons why they have done so, but the biggest motivator is simply financial. Wages for fruit pickers or building site labourers are higher in Poland than they are in Ukraine and working conditions (which are protected by the EU) are no doubt also […]