New Hotel Opens in Kyiv

15 March 2018

On 17 March, a new and unusual hotel will open in Kyiv. As an unlikely place for sleep, what is intended to happen here is solely for…sex. Decorated in a number of erotic ways, from classic boudoir to torture chamber, all rooms in the Cherry Twins will be equipped with specially-themed furniture, sex toys, and other attributes associated with love games.
Though far from a new concept – these types of spaces are widespread in Europe – it is new for Ukraine. According to their site, which is already up and running, “the hotel is only a decoration for the sexual fantasies of its visitors,” with aims to help liberate, diversify sexual life, and maybe even save someone’s relationship. With regard to this last motivation, according to statistics, Ukraine ranks third in Europe for its divorce rate. Even founder Elena Solovyova says the institution is intended for both the entertainment of sexually liberated couples and for spouses who would like to add a little variety to their sex life and save a “boring marriage”.
While these kinds of places and the topic of sex in general in Ukraine is somewhat taboo, Solovyova thinks her hotel will help modify this. “”I’m ashamed”, “I’m not like that”, “what will he/she will think about me later” and other similar complexes keep a person quiet and conceal their true desires,” she says. Here, that is not necessary.
With particular attention paid to hygiene, and the mandatory sterilisation of all rooms and toys after use, rooms such as the Queen’s Boudoir, Torture Room, Arabesque Harem, Goth Room, Dr.’s Office, Domination Room, and Classroom come available for booking from 23 March. A minimum booking is three hours, which will run you 1 500 – 2 000 UAH depending on the room. Want the whole evening? You’ll look to pay 5 000 – 6 000 UAH from 21.00 – 09.00. Toys such as whips, handcuffs, lashes, and stacks are available in every room, with more options available for purchase. Though open-minded, the Cherry Twins also has rules: no one under 21 allowed, only four people to a room, and paid-for sex is strictly forbidden, among others.
Fifty Shades of Grey stand aside. Kyiv has its own shades, and they are more cherry in colour.

Cherry Twins

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